Рустам Солнцев: «Хейтеры, отцепитесь от Юли Самойловой, она герой!» The showman spoke about the singer’s participation in “Eurovision-2018”. The network actively discussing the contestant from Russia at the contest, which will be held in may in Lisbon.

Partial to Yulia Samoilova was divided into two camps: they think it’s a worthy candidate, while others are inclined to believe that girls vocals will not be able to make an impression on mnogomillionnoi the audience. Doubt many and composition, which Samoilov will act in Portugal – a song I Won’t Break not for everyone’s liking. In addition, some Internet users pointed out that Yulia incorrect English pronunciation.

The participation of Yulia Samoilova in “Eurovision” has caused a heated debate

Couldn’t stay away from discussions of hot topics and showman Rustam Solntsev. In his weekly column “Mamadorogaya” he spoke in defense of girls, the disabled and stood on her side.

“Let me remind you that Julia Samoylova from childhood is sitting in a wheelchair, started his video message to Rustam. One it already makes to respect the fact that she didn’t give up and tries to achieve something. Her voice is gorgeous, looks good, the image of cute and modest – I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms against her? She’s a hero! Haters write nasty things, predicting her defeat. Julia, I want to appeal to you not to look and not see, what people are talking about you and writing. I, Rustam Solntsev, your biggest fan. Love you and wish the victory on “Eurovision”.

Rustam outraged, many are dissatisfied with the fact that Julia is going to Portugal.

“I don’t know all at once I forgot who we usually send on “Eurovision”? We always back the most talented artists go? With the best voices and songs? Also Bilan and Tatu’s all screwed up in this contest, but nobody does not remember, but Julia can’t forgive what her nomination was chosen. I urge you to be supportive to her because she’s disabled: no one should feel sorry for her because of physical features. Just show her respect as a girl, which is good (no worse than the other contestants from our country) sings and goes in such difficult for our country to a foreign country, where it is not to say that everything is favorable to it. Let’s wish her strength and courage, and we will not bite!”