Rustam Solntsev, “Gordon wrong with Berkova”

Рустам Солнцев: «Гордон неправильно поступила с Берковой» Showman sided star of films for adults. According to Rustam Solntsev, Kate Gordon ought to take part in a debate with Elena Berkova. He also decided to give the Council a stellar lawyer. Solntsev believes that the lawyer needs to change their behavior.
Рустам Солнцев: «Гордон неправильно поступила с Берковой»

In show business opened up a new scandal, persons who become a lawyer, author, songwriter and the candidate in presidents of Russia Katya Gordon and former pornographic actress Elena Berkova. She also plans to stand for election next year. Both celebrities were invited to participate in the filming of the program of NTV “the Stars aligned”. However, before the beginning of the transmission Berkova asked to leave the Studio. Elena said that she did not want to share her site. Brunette indignation knew no bounds.

The situation that occurred on the set of the TV show, could not leave indifferent showman Rustam Solntsev. He hastened to speak about the fight between Kate Gordon and Elena Berkova.

“In fact, the first debate Kati in the new status of the presidential candidate she ignored, – says Rustam. Lena took her character, which Gordon could not bear. It is unclear why it was merged? The dispute was afraid? Katya, still anyone not really become decided, it is abrupt so that all the other crap anointed. To get…”

Commenting on the harsh statements of Helen in address star lawyer, Rustam agreed with the actress of films for adults. According to the entertainer, the lawyer became famous thanks to scandals.

Рустам Солнцев: «Гордон неправильно поступила с Берковой»“Actually, Berkova in your message right – Kate Gordon is known only to his great marriage to Alexander Gordon and scandal with her ex-husband, a lawyer by Garinim that, according to Katie, they beat him up. Which I highly doubt, but… Yeah, she has her own law firm and she writes songs for cool stars, but about it, almost nobody knows. In the vast majority of cases her name constantly POPs up in the light of some scandals,” said Rustam.

Sun admitted that Berkova impressed him more than Gordon. According to the showman, Helen, unlike the lawyer, like many ordinary people, who sincerely sympathize with her.

“Kate is a young mother, bright blond, leaving his big name from my ex-husband. Like it very much. Berkova brighter, bolder. I would even say – more successful and more beloved the common people, – says Rustam. – Because when people remember the name Lena, it warms the lower abdomen – I am, of course, about the male part of the population. Hearing the name Katie, people remember only the negative, who always comes from it”.
Рустам Солнцев: «Гордон неправильно поступила с Берковой»

Showman also decided to give advice to Gordon. According to Rustam, she needs to reconsider their behavior.

Рустам Солнцев: «Гордон неправильно поступила с Берковой»“Kate, if you decided to move in the direction of the presidential candidate, then this step is not considered correct. Not cool to be a snobbish bitch, ‘ said the sun. – It is much better to be warm, kind, sincere, cute, loving and relaxed girl. And when you refuse to shoot, because someone supposedly out of your League, it doesn’t suit you”.