Rustam Solntsev explained the reason for the low ratings of “House-2”

Рустам Солнцев объяснил причину низких рейтингов «Дома-2» Former member of the reality show made its findings. Rustam Solntsev has shared his thoughts about what is happening with the famous telestroke. He recalled the circumstances through which he was on the project.

Rustam Solntsev is one of the brightest members of the famous electroni “Dom-2”. A young man appeared on the project in 2007, but was never able to find true love. His relationships failed and he decided to leave the program. However, in 2013, he again appeared on the screens in a reality show, but this attempt did not lead him to success in his personal life.

The sun admires the idea of “House-2” but now, after a while, he realizes that to regain its former glory the project will be very difficult.

“This success, as before, it can not be. Unfortunately, now the project and its participants are there due to the fact of HYIP that we once asked. The generation has changed more than once, and somehow fade…” – said Rustam.

Showman does not understand why many former program participants are offended when they are associated with the controversial project. He believes that it brought a lot of popularity. Rustam recalls with a smile, as he got on a casting “Houses-2”. According to him, the sitter’s niece wanted to be on telestroke and asked me to accompany her in the selection.

“While the Luba came to the casting, I was just sitting in the corner waiting for her. Then I was approached by editor in chief Sasha Rastorguev and said, “what are you doing here?”. I said that he came with Any, and got the answer: “come with me!”. That’s all,” admitted the sun.

Despite the fact that he was not afraid to criticize colleagues and often releases the barbs in their address, it supports many a good relationship. The former participant “Houses-2” remembered an argument with Olga Buzova. The man admitted that on the day of her wedding with Dmitry Tarasov he posted a video in which he warned the girl from this step. Solntsev said in an interview that now cherishes friendship with the TV presenter.

“Despite the fact that we had a misunderstanding, I always treated her great. I had something not to like, and I was critical of it and engage in skirmishes. But when I see that girl hurt people, the achievement of which is very doubtful, I can’t stand up to her defense”, – said the showman.