Rustam Solntsev: “Ex-husband Anfisa Chekhova her unworthy”

Рустам Солнцев: «Бывший муж Анфисы Чеховой ее недостоин» The showman spoke to the presenter. Rustam Solntsev believes that Guram must be very regret parting with a star. The ex-wife knew each other for years, they have a son Solomon.
Рустам Солнцев: «Бывший муж Анфисы Чеховой ее недостоин»

The news about the divorce of Anfisa Chekhova became a hit for her fans. The TV presenter was married to actor Guram Bablishvili little more than two years, while celebrity began in 2009. 31 may 2012 the couple had a son Solomon. Lawyer 39-year-old artist Katya Gordon notes that Anfisa and Guram divorced without any scandal, former husband of the star will be able to see heir when you wish. Although perhaps the meeting of the father with the child will be less frequent, because today Guram is thinking about returning to his native Georgia.

The situation in Germany is not indifferent and showman Rustam Solntseva, who in his column “Mamadorogaya” hastened to evaluate the disintegrated marriage of celebrities.

Anfisa Chekhova divorced her husband

“You know, all the latest news about the beautiful and abundant as the mother land of cheese Anfisa Chekhova was down to the fact that she is losing weight, – Rustam started his video message. – Well, as reports from the front: “Anfisa Chekhov has dropped 6 pounds, “Anfisa Chekhov stepped on the throat of his own song and stopped eating”, “Anfisa Chekhova left.” And now something new brought up: “Anfisa Chekhova divorced”. You know, I always considered her marriage a misalliance. Well, only on the reverse side: not that man, noble and rich, married poor, and Vice versa – known and successful woman married to an unknown actor. And now the divorce… the bottom line, a wonderful son Solomon and, again, the position of the gastro-blogger. Anfisushka, stop lose weight, love, pysol!”

Rustam sure Guram should really feel sorry that he missed his wife. “I, of course, with them in one apartment lived, and how they did not know, but even from the side it is obvious that Guram had to hold onto a wife, says the sun. She and hardworking, and petite, and lack of humor does not suffer – what else, one wonders, the man want? And the son he gave birth to what is cool! And even if the daughter gave, if he did not surel. I had to hold him for Anfiska, strongly to be pampered and groomed, the thought she arose to leave him. Now, I suppose, will find itself oligarch…”