Рустам Солнцев назвал Ксению Собчак «вонючкой в дизайнерском шмотье» The showman spoke about the famous TV presenter. Rustam Solntsev allowed himself to criticize the chief editor of a glossy magazine for her jokes about Olga Buzova and other stars of “House-2”. According to ex-member telestroke celebrity would be worth with respect to those with whom she a few years ago we shared one set.
Рустам Солнцев назвал Ксению Собчак «вонючкой в дизайнерском шмотье»

This week, the Internet exploded scandalous video of Ksenia Sobchak, in which she, talking with journalist Anton Krasovsky, discusses people from the show “Dom-2”: the leading role of the project Olga Buzova and a former member of Rustam Solntsev. To the latter each Sobchak made a number of obscene speech, which the sun could not leave without an answer, turning to the Krasovsky through the media. But the behavior of Xenia, a former leading “House-2” Rustam also could not close my eyes. Under its heading “Mamadorogaya” the Sun is actively on Instagram showman has recorded a video in which he spoke about the current situation.

“Xenia, my dear, my love, for ten years I watched you with lust, began Rustam. – I caught every word, and I thought you’d be the person that where we lead, give us the right commandment, but everything finally fell into place…

You’re somewhere between Dolzhanskaya, the Crown and Nastasya Samburski in its endless designer clothes. Tell me, please, that’s where we come in? It’s really what you wanted? This is the level that you have achieved and not jump higher? Xenia, che, so I swear to you that something is not right… All these clothes, dresses, skirts, and between them – glumes in his “Instagrame” it is unclear with whom over harmless Buzova and a little bit of me. Ksenia, a need to change something… I love you, please come back, you we all very much needed. I love you!”

Behind the scenes Rustam continued his thought, arguing that the star status of Xenia does not allow her to humiliate the people she was once close.

“I don’t even pity for himself, and for Olya, – said the showman. – She is no man on earth has made a bad, bad words didn’t tell anyone, but everyone, even the Xenia is trying to go on her behalf, stebut her hurt… Why? Ksenia in General should be above all that, after all, it would seem, got married, had a child and need to calm down. But no – it is something the opposition tries to join in, muck about someone blurt out. Xenia, will you calm down already?”