Rustam Solntsev: “Alexey Panin, changed his mind and not lower the degree of!”

Рустам Солнцев: «Леша Панин, одумайся и не понижай градус!» The showman spoke about the musical debut of the flamboyant actor. Recently Alexey Panin has announced that it is working on its own clip. One of the roles in the video were played by adult film star Eva Berger.
Рустам Солнцев: «Леша Панин, одумайся и не понижай градус!»

Alexey Panin decided to conquer the musical Olympus. The artist took the clip with porn actress Eva Berger. According to Alexey, in the clip are explicit, but within the limits of decency. In the photos, which appeared online, eve posing Nude. She decided to trust bold, he thought, Panin.

Alexey Panin section a pornographic actress in the first clip

Showman Rustam Solntsev, famous for its poignant the wit, could not ignore such a significant infopovod. He commented on the new project Panina in the weekly category “Mamadorogaya”. According to Rustam, Alex worth pondering to re-shoot the video and add more spicy scenes. Otherwise, I’m sure the suns fans Panina be offended by it.

“For an incredibly glamorous name Eva Berger is hiding just a lame chick with the red hair. But most importantly, no porn in the video will not. These Alex upset all his fans, including me. How so? Alex, you are the master of this business, you are the coolest in the country. In any case it is impossible to lower the degree. Now there was shame. I’m asking you to think, to pull myself together and make things new,” asked the showman to Panin.

Note that Alex is no stranger to criticism in his address. The actions of the flamboyant actor cause mixed reactions from the public. However, Panin does not pay attention to comments on. According to the artist, the song he gave Stas Kostyushkin, and to play music the man decided, after reading jokes of fans. They advised Alexei to follow the example of many representatives of Russian show-business.

At the same time, Stas Kostyushkin stated that it was not presented Panin his song. The contractor States that it has no relation to the singing career of Alexis. “The circus has left, and Panin left!” — said Stas in the microblog. In addition, he recorded a video message to subscribers, which clarify the situation.

“Indeed, two or three months we were talking about this song. He tried to sing, nothing happened, we broke up. Now I know that Alex took a porn star and shoots video… Very Lesha I can not get through, to obtain from him any comments too, of course. I can only say that I have no relation to this delirium” — shared Kostyushkin in one of the social networks.