Rustam Solntsev: “Alexei Panin goes lingerie”

Рустам Солнцев: «Алексею Панину идет женское белье» The showman spoke to the controversial actor. According to the ex-participant reality show, the artist should think about how to change the environment. Rustam Solntsev turned to Alexey Panin with a request to control the flow merge into a Network of records to protect the psyche of the public.
Рустам Солнцев: «Алексею Панину идет женское белье»

Last week the name of Alexei Panin on everyone’s lips, but not because of his acting abilities, but because of the sex scandal that has embroiled the actor. The Network got intimate video featuring celebrities where he performs sexual acts with the same sex. The video blew up the Internet in a matter of hours became the most discussed news of the Russian show-business. Particularly attentive and remembered another video where the actor is filmed in unflattering form – Panin walking down the street in lingerie. Special indignation of inhabitants was the fact that Alex alone brings 9-year-old daughter of the NUS. Though her mother and throws attempts, with the assistance of the court to return the girl, today she is with the father.

Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

Could not pass by a situation with Panin and showman Rustam Solntsev, who in his weekly column “Mamadorogaya”, which he has done in social networks, gives the characteristics of the peers. In the language of the host events, you have the blogger Lena Miro, a former participant of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova, “Russian Ken” Egor khalyavin and many others…

“Alex, you go with lingerie – began his address to Panin sun. Legs slender, the belly is not hanging. But I care more – what the devil all this splendor became public knowledge, and left a vivid incident in the memory of those who filmed these videos? Why do people from your environment, which, judging by the fact that you take them into an intimate relationship, you are not strangers, it sucks treat you that do like the last rat, “merging” the evidence of your fun in the Network?

Alex, I’ll say this: it is necessary to change the environment. Then who you sleep with is your own business, it should not be anyone to touch. But please try your best to shots as you run in the shoes in broad daylight, waving the hose were not available to the public and have added you problems. You have such a lovely daughter take care of her. And then, and look, the guardianship will be interested in your personality and will happen something bad…”