“Russian” Weinstein? Insulted Irina Bezrukova hit Director

«Русский» Вайнштейн? Оскорбленная Ирина Безрукова ударила режиссера
The actress told the truth about harassment in the Russian show-business.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @irina_bezrukova_official Instagram

Irina Bezrukova was another Russian actress, to speak about the scandal is not reduced in Hollywood for several months. It all started with accusations of Actresses in the address of Harvey Weinstein and gradually acquired an enormous magnitude. Recently held in Los Angeles, the award ceremony “Golden globe” was held under the motto “On Sundays We Wear Black” (many of the actress came to the event in the black outfits to Express solidarity with those who have been sexually abused).

Patriotic stars didn’t even try to repeat the success of the Hollywood victims of “harassment”, which now tells the whole world. Why? Yes, because in our country, as it turned out, women in films are more tolerable to flirt with colleagues, and do not believe false promises or ambiguous jokes something out of the ordinary. Irina, for example, in my entire career, only once was faced with the fact that the Director apparently allowed themselves to “extra” in common with her.

“In my practice there was only one case where the Director allowed himself the inappropriate hints to my address, and since I’m a direct person, he immediately got in the face. The error was found, the subject was closed. And we continued to work, because on the court we are not man and woman, and professionals. Yes, of course, on the set happen smiles, jokes, compliments, but smart men do everything gently and carefully — they, in the end, also frustrating failures to obtain,” says Irina. The name of the person who “caught” for inappropriate hints of the doctor did not call. Unlike overseas counterparts, she sees no reason to make “dirty linen in public”.

Bezrukova, by the way, doubts that the veracity of all statements of Hollywood stars about harassment by colleagues. “When I started this whole scandal harassment in Hollywood, I, frankly, was very surprised. I certainly do not rule out any pretensions: men were men, women were women, and among them at all times, it is likely that something was happening, including in the cinema. Before you enroll in drama school, I worked at the factory — and I want to say that the male psychology is the same everywhere: the steelworker, and the worker of the sphere of the arts. Yes, around creative people, there is a fler greater promiscuity, but it is not always true — rather it is commonly thought due to the fact that the acting profession inevitably affects the emotional sphere. I had a lot of movies where I played (and, as they say, quite convincingly) some kind of relationship, never a relationship with partners on or off the court”, — quotes Irina PostaMagazine.

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