Russian top model in America gave birth to second daughter

Российская топ-модель родила в Америке вторую дочь
The ex-girlfriend of the soloist of group “Roots” Alexei Kabanov Daria Konovalova again became a mother.

Российская топ-модель родила в Америке вторую дочь

Daria Konovalova with her daughter Sophie

Daria Konovalova with her daughter Sophie

In a prestigious Manhattan hospital “Lenox Hill”, where there
on light twins, beyoncé, the famous Russian model Daria Konovalova in
the second time became a mother. Weight girls — 3820 grams, and height — 52 cm. Baby
called Anna Rose or Anna-Rosie — in Russian. The child’s father is
Cyril Shahmatov, the son of a prominent Moscow businessman. The couple already
has a child together — three-year old daughter Sophie. However, Dasha is not giving
no comments about his relationship with the father of her children.

never flaunted his personal life, except
a romantic relationship with the soloist of group “Roots” Alexei Kabanova and
numerous subscribers of your Instagram questions about the husband she
answers that all is well.

Career models Daria started at the age of 17, having worked in all the fashion capitals of the world. On account of its covers of Vogue, L’officiel, shooting for publications, Cosmopolitan, Numero, Elle,Maxim
and many others. Also Daria is the winner of the title “Beauty
Of Russia”, and in February 2016, he moved to new York, where she began
cooperation with renowned modeling Agency Major Models.

During pregnancy Dasha was leading an active way of life and not
continued modeling activities, took part in the filming for
various projects with the most fashionable new York street-style
photographers. During the summer holidays in Moscow, Daria, while on
the sixth month of pregnancy, along with her daughter Sophie was photographed for the collection
designer Alexander Terekhov (pre-fall 2017).

Shortly before birth, happy mom held a baby shower in
Ladure French restaurant in the heart of new York city — SOHO.
shower not too common in Russia, and in America it’s a tradition:
nice party when the future mom is going with my friends, who
cook her a surprise party, give gifts and eat Goodies.

“Now I have two beautiful daughters! I want to note the American
approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth, which is fundamentally different from
domestic. For example, here are not plagued by so many tests and
not afraid of many things in Russia in General, immediately put in
the hospital for the continuation of the pregnancy. And if there is no serious
contraindications do not prohibit sports. I did not stop
Pilates throughout pregnancy and now I much
easier to get in shape after childbirth,” says Daria.