Russian rappers blew up a worldwide Network

Русские рэперы взорвали всемирную Сеть Oxxxymiron and Purulent, shlestnuvshimisya in a verbal duel in front of millions of Internet users, received wide acclaim abroad. The video, which depicted made a lot of noise bout, was in foreign the tops of the most popular videos.
Русские рэперы взорвали всемирную Сеть

In the night from Sunday to Monday on the YouTube channel of the project Versus left Battle rap-battle 32-year-old Miron Fyodorov, acting under the pseudonym Oxxxymiron, and 27-year-old Glory of the Communist party, also known as Purulent. The movie managed to get millions of views and get on the first line in the section “trending” video sharing – not only in Russia but also abroad.

As a result, the record on which Oxxxymiron battles with Purulent, saw the inhabitants of other countries, including Japan, Germany, France and Italy. However, the video trapped in the collection of foreign popular videos, has caused confusion among many users of the world wide web. They left their questions about that video went trending.

Русские рэперы взорвали всемирную Сеть

The video also became the center of attention of many media and celebrities. That Miron Fedorov fought with Purulent, wrote a huge number of different sources. According to journalists, the confrontation of young people dedicated to the over 800 publications in the press, including business journals, which is an absolute record in the coverage of such events. In addition, the rap battle was first shown on Federal television channels. The story, published in the “Russia-24”, surprised many loyal fans Miron Fedorov, who are not used to see idol news.

“Nearly seven million views in less than a day. And the numbers obviously are not final. The incredible hype around posted on YouTube recording of a rap battle Miron Fedorov and Viacheslav Karelin – better known as Oxxxymiron and Purulent”, – said the speaker.

Famous bloggers are not far behind from the latest trends, which became, apparently, already world. So, Dmitry Larin released a video, which told about the best, in his opinion, moments rap battle. At the same time, a longtime opponent of Internet activist Yury Khovansky, who was present at the historic event, told in detail about what left overs of the match Fedorov and Purulent. Your opinion about made a lot of noise events are also said Ildar. Against the background of hype around Versus Battle a large number of hits scored and the new issue of Big Russian Boss Show with the participation of Purulent and his colleagues Sama.

Русские рэперы взорвали всемирную Сеть

The stars of Russian show business joined the discussion of the outcome of the duel Purulent and Fedorov. Not all of them supported the project Versus Battle. Among those who protested the format of the confrontation between the two rappers, was Joseph Prigozhin. The producer expressed his opinion in the comments to the post Maxim Fadeev, to explain the defeat of Miron Fyodorov.

“Honestly, for me it is pure empty with all the ensuing consequences. Insult each other, Mat and any other obscene language that has no relationship to music. I understand that it is now fashionable theme, and she comes to the fore. I guess I’m already not in the trend. We saw kids in the 90s, and they really knew the street life, and this is pure verbiage,” wrote the producer.

The singer Dmitry Malikov very ironically commented the results of the rap battle. The contractor spent infopovod traditional post on Twitter.

“Marginal Slava won aesthete Oxxxymiron. About times, about customs! Who are the judges? Yes, but people will judge them,” said the artist.