Russian Playboy Kira star creation is back surfaces have visited Hugh Hefner

Русская звезда Playboy Кира Дихтярь побывала в гостях у Хью Хефнера
The legendary magazine publisher told a top model, why I bought a place in the cemetery near Monroe.

Русская звезда Playboy Кира Дихтярь побывала в гостях у Хью Хефнера

Cyrus Creation Is Back Surfaces

Photo: Courtesy Kira The Creation Is Back Surfaces

Russian model Kira creation is back surfaces (it is advertising person of the largest foreign and Russian brands) recently graced the cover of American Playboy. And because of this they visited the permanent magazine publisher Hugh Hefner.

“I’ve heard a lot about the house of Hefner, but visited there for the first time — at a party, where they invited a lot of girls starring on the cover of Playboy, since 1962, said Kira — Over the years many of the girls of Playboy have become grandmothers, but still looked nice… I was particularly struck by the size of the mansion: it’s a lot of huge rooms, each one decorated in a certain style. And next to the building is a huge swimming pool, playgrounds. Now I understand how Hugh could invite to the party by five thousand people in this mansion room for everyone”.

The first issue of “Playboy” – a gift from Hugh Hefner Kira the creation is back surfaces

Photo: Courtesy Kira The Creation Is Back Surfaces

Although Hefner is feeling unwell and in a wheelchair (he recently turned 90 years old), he wanted to personally meet with a Russian model.

“Hugh brought his son, Hefner was dressed in his traditional robe home,” says the creation is back surfaces. He was very nice and constantly showered with jokes, remembering the story of your brand. At some point he remembered about Marilyn Monroe. Said that for ten years ” my humor.” with her appearance on the cover of the very first Playboy in 1953 until her death in 1962 they talked, but only on the phone. “How could I regret that we never met,’ said Hugh, and his eyes filled with tears. Okay, I bought the crypt next to Monroe’s grave — I think I made myself very cool gift. I will lie next to the woman he loved, with his Muse…”

Kira said Hefner, also loves Monroe. And then Hugh gave her an incredible gift: he handed her the very first room Playboyс Monroe on the cover and wrote: “In memory of the most beautiful brunette I ever seen in my life.”

“This magazine is worth the crazy money collectors, but I never won’t part with him,” admitted Cyrus creation is back surfaces.

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