Русскую модель арестовали в Дубае после падения с шестого этажа According to relatives, the girl escaped from the maniac. Ekaterina Stetsyuk was trying to protect himself from the threats of men. Jumping out the window, she miraculously survived, however, suffered a serious spinal injury.

Recently it became known that Russian Ekaterina Stetsyuk jumped from the sixth floor window of the hotel in Dubai. According to preliminary data, persistent the man was in her room and threatened, but because she had no how to find salvation in such a desperate act – fall down.

Now relatives of the 22-year-old girl reported that she was in custody in the United Arab Emirates. In jail she was taken from his hospital bed after falling from an impressive height she miraculously survived, though seriously injured his spine.

“The trouble with her daughter took place on 3 March. A man, a stranger, a foreigner, attacked Kate. Grabbed her by the neck, held a knife to her throat. To be saved, daughter had to jump from the sixth floor. Her severe injuries, she can’t walk. And yesterday, Kate called me and said that she was being taken to jail. Because it wants to make the defendant!” – said the girl’s mother.

While the investigation did not disclose information is not known, how the wording of 22-year-old Catherine was taken from the hospital. According to some, the man who was in the room of the girl, wrote a statement presenting counter-accusations. Consulate of Russia in Dubai has not yet commented on the situation.

“We have not disclosed everything with Kate was because they hoped to help the Consulate. We were asked not to contact the media, but I don’t know who to believe…” said mom model.

Relatives said that the man, who was in the same room with Ekaterina, will have a hearing with law enforcement. However, all this time the girl will have to be in the UAE. “According to available information, the offender is detained and is in police, he faces a period of 7-15 years, and Kate is there to sentencing,” wrote netizens.

The life and health of Catherine depends on the doctors. The girl was in the hospital, where she underwent a couple of operations. Relatives and friends announced the collection of money to help the girl to recover.

“Now she has a broken spine, fractured a few vertebrae, she can’t roll over and can’t walk, but doctors give chances of recovery because the spinal cord is not affected,” write the users of social networks.

As it became known correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the girl went to the United Arab Emirates on 15 February and was supposed to be there all month. Model from Irkutsk worked on the contract.