Русский любовник Линдсей Лохан: «Она воровала и портила мои вещи» Yegor Tarabanov first told about her betrayal. The millionaire shared his truth about the scandalous break-up with movie star. The man claims that for a long time didn’t realize how beloved used it to their advantage.

      Русский любовник Линдсей Лохан: «Она воровала и портила мои вещи»

      In the autumn it became known that Lindsay chose grooms millionaire Yegor Tarabarova, fans relished the photos, their cute messages. However, the tale quickly came to an end. First, the actress was accused of Yegor violence. And recently even stated that he lost his child from his beating and hires a lawyer. 23-year-old Yegor was silent to the last. Just the other day he decided to speak out.

      “Lindsay says that she dumped me that she had the courage to leave the humiliation behind,” says Tarasov. But I never blamed her, though she was considered the norm to steal from me, to ruin expensive things.” Tarasov admitted that he loved the girl, so did not expect that it may change beyond recognition.

      “She was only pretending to be wonderful to my family paid for her dissolute life. I was blind, ” continues Yegor. – Who will love me not because of the amount in the account or because of the name? Don’t want to see this selfish, abusive bitch. I thought that her past issues were invented that it needlessly vilify, and it is good.”

      We will remind, the conflict between Tarasovym and Lohan first began a month ago. Then, the American actress hinted that her husband had relations with another girl. This scandal Lindsay told subscribers of his “Instagrama”. In the future, once again talking about a couple in connection with a brawl that occurred in the apartment of the actress. Celebrity neighbors videotaped her quarrel with the young man, after which it became clear that in this story there is a place of physical violence. Lohan said that she was afraid to be alone with Tarasovym, as it completely unmanageable.

      “I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” – said Lohan. Lindsay Lohan has revealed horrific details of the relationship with a millionaire

      Meanwhile, Yegor Tarabanova is caught in the arms of a leggy blonde on a yacht near Saint-Tropez. Apparently, the chance to restore relations of the Russian millionaire and controversial actress, not really. Each of them is trying to forget about what happened and start a new life.

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