Russian Kardashian: “Never done plastic surgery”

Русская Кардашьян: «Никогда не делала пластику»

21-year-old Anastasiya Kvitko claims that its shape – the key to long-term training and good genetics.

The popular 21-year-old native of Kaliningrad, Anastasiya Kvitko is growing every day. The girl with outstanding forms is firmly gaining the sympathy of the hostages, especially the male half. As we mentioned earlier, many followers started to compare Nastya with the famous American TV celebrity Kim Kardashian.

The resemblance is really hard to deny, but it applies to shapes, namely the fifth point of the girls. That’s just Anastasia with us disagreed. Model sure Kim is far from such a body as hers.

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Kvitko expressed dissatisfaction because such comparisons. In her opinion, Kim became the owner of a luxurious ass through the intervention of plastic surgeons, but voluptuous Anastasia from such nature.

“If we talk about figure, Kim can only dream of such luxuriant forms, as I have. I have a sports figure, swapped the thighs, calves, very beautiful ass swapped and what is Kim? You know what she did with her booty. The only thing she surpasses me at the moment, is a more popular name, but I don’t care so much about. It’s a matter of time. When will know me, the whole world, forget about it,” said Woman’s Day Kim.

In addition, Anastasia was quick to suggest his version of why it has been compared to a celebrity. The girl explained that she’s a brilliant, bright personality and that’s why it drew attention. So it’s not appetizing forms.

“I think that American fans started comparing me to Kim Kardashian not because of any physical similarities, but because of the fact that I am a very bright person. Outwardly, Kim is to me very far, if we talk about the figure and the face, – said Anastasia. — If I have a very unusual appearance, Kim is nothing special”.

I must say that the girl’s words about good genetics and a generous mother nature did not convince her fans that Nastia did not do plastic operations. Many believe that surgery is obvious, because of the nature of such proportions never happens. By the way, the settings 95-62-105 Anastasia, such a figure is usually called “hourglass”.

“Men react very strongly. When I go out, get so many offers and invitations from men,” – says Kvitko.

To dispel all the speculation, the blonde hurried to tell us the story about how much effort she spent to have such a body.

“From childhood I was engaged in different sports, basically it was athletics, but also, importantly, we lived in a house without Elevator on the fifth floor. Daily climbing stairs is equivalent exercise to increase the muscles of the thighs, improve posture. Sure that these exercises contributed to the development of my sports pieces at a very young age. Now keep your figure, visiting four times a week in the gym.”

In childhood Kvitko has not been confident the way you are now. She felt that her figure is far from ideal, and complexed about it.

“It seemed to me that my thighs are very large, but despite this, I have since childhood had fans who cared for me, wore my portfolio. There were boys with whom I fought, but by graduation they all regretted it. To the end of school my army of fans have already started to actively grow, and from lack of male attention I did not suffer”.

At the end of our conversation she wanted to give some advice to readers who have already started to prepare your body for the summer season.

“I would like to advise the readers of your site to be careful with workouts in the gym. If anyone has a feminine figure, let such and remains, it does not hurt you to find his beloved. Don’t overdo it with practice, don’t turn his female body into a pile of muscles. Indeed, in this case, your man will feel that you too man. Everything should be in moderation, the female body should remain a women to like your man” – says a Russian Kim Kardashian.

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