Russian Kardashian: “Kim Soon forget!”

Русская Кардашьян: «Скоро о Ким забудут!»

21-year-old Anastasiya Kvitko is convinced that the famous TV star is largely inferior to her in beauty.

Russian Instagram users found the social network in the world, a figure which, in their opinion, not inferior in beauty and outstanding settings of the famous American TV star Kim Kardashian.

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The possessor of such magnificent forms, like Kim, my name is Anastasiya Kvitko, she is 21 years old and she works as a model. The editors of Woman’s Day contacted the girl to ask how she refers to the fact that many have found in it similarities with the TV celebrity.

“I think that American fans started comparing me to Kim Kardashian not because of any physical similarities, but because of the fact that I am a very bright person. Outwardly, Kim is to me very far, if we talk about the figure and the face, – said Anastasia. — If I have a very unusual appearance, Kim is not unusual. If we talk about figure, Kim can only dream of such luxuriant forms, as I have. I have a sports figure, swapped the thighs, calves, very beautiful ass swapped and what is Kim? You know what she did with her booty. The only thing she surpasses me at the moment, is a more popular name, but I don’t so much care about is a matter of time. When will know me, the whole world, forget about it”.

Kvitko claims that all her beauty is a pledge of good genetics and constant training, not plastic surgeons. What, according to her, I will not say about Kim. Options Anastasia 95-62-105, such a figure is usually called “hourglass”. Subscribers delighted Nastiny photos, and many men from all over the world write on her page Declaration of love.

“Men react very strongly. When I go out, get so many offers and invitations from men,” – says Kvitko.

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