“Russian Kardashian is” justified for a photo before plastic

«Русская Кардашьян» оправдалась за фото до пластики

Anastasiya Kvitko claimed that the figure was given to her by nature, but the network got the revealing pictures of her before plastic surgery.

21-year-old Anastasiya Kvitko claims that its shape – the key to years of training and good genetics. But someone is willing to argue. Journalists managed to find pictures of girls with her shape looks much smaller than it is now.

During the last conversation with our correspondent Kvitko said that never in my life did not go under the surgeon’s knife. A thrilling men’s hearts figure – the key to genetics and heavy training in the gym.

Subscribers beauty on Instagram, of which there are already more than 5 million, was divided in opinion into two camps. Someone believes the words of Anastasia, but someone is convinced that such forms from nature does not happen, especially now in the network there are pictures that show what really are endowed Russian Kim Kardashian.

Kvitko expressed dissatisfaction because of doubts of their fans and tried to make excuses for revealing pictures.

“But nothing did! I am very young for this, I’m only 21. In those pictures I 13-14 years old, for the teenager to look normal, admitted to Woman’s Day Anastasia. — At such a young age the figure is not formed, I then weighed only 40 kg and now 60! Feel the difference? My figure began to take shape only 18 years old and from that moment I began to fanatically exercise, to change their shape under different standards. Remember all day on the Internet and found all sorts of exercises, looking for information about nutrition, read a lot about sports supplements. I even had a coach who helped me to achieve the desired result!

Now I was completely overcomes the reflection in the mirror. I do not want to change because I love myself for who I am. To all the girls I want to advise to love yourself and your natural beauty, how I do it”.

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However, I must say that the girl on good genetics and a generous mother nature did not convince her fans that she’s not doing plastic surgery. Many believe that surgery is obvious, because of the nature of such proportions never happens. By the way, the settings Anastasia 95-62-105, a figure usually called “hourglass”. The girl even began to compare with the famous American teledelay Kim Kardashian.

The resemblance is really hard to deny, but it’s about figures, namely the fifth point of the girls. That’s just Anastasia did not agree with us. Model sure Kim is far from the body such as hers.

“Speaking of shape, Kim can only dream of such magnificent forms, as I have. I have athletic figure, having a toned thigh, calf, very nice pumped up ass, what Kim? You know what she did with his booty. The only thing she surpasses me at the moment is a more popular name, but I don’t care so much. It’s a matter of time. When I know the whole world, forget about it,” said Woman’s Day Kim.

In addition, Anastasia hastened to put forth its version of why it has been compared to a celebrity. The girl explained that she’s a brilliant, bright personality and that’s why it drew attention. So it’s not appetizing forms.

“I believe that the American fans started to compare me with Kim Kardashian not because of resemblance, but because of the fact that I am a very bright personality. Outwardly, Kim is to me very far, if we talk about the figure and the face, – said Anastasia. — If I have a very unusual appearance, Kim is nothing special.”