Russian in Cannes: Lenin continues to shock outfits

Русские в Каннах: Ленина продолжает шокировать нарядами

Russian socialite again surprised appearance on the red carpet of the 69th Cannes film festival.

Lena Lenina made its debut this year at Cannes in a hot pink gown and silver branch-horns in the hair. To lower the bar of shocking Russian star, obviously, is not going. Over the last couple of days, the world saw three more of the strange toilet Lena.

Sure, the famous guests at the Cannes film festival in 2016 are completely baffled, every day, watching on the red carpet of the eccentric lady with the crazy vavilone on the head. And Lena, it seems, only that it should be!

At the premiere of “still waters”, she appeared in a dress in a rich hue of fuchsia – I think this year a vigorous pink is on the list of favorites of Lena. Outfit made by the fashion house of Aset, the complement of a clutch ball, studded with sparkling crystals. Hair Lena – a separate song. This time she appeared on the track in a huge sack on his head, in the shape of a heart.

This “fashion trick” star – silver-grey floor-length dress decorated with large white stones. By the way, this outfit Lena is one of the most modest in its track record.

The finishing touch of the past in Cannes the weekend became even more strange robe – pink skirt-tutu, combined with dark blue jacket and a lush nest on his head.

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