Русский бомж открыл собственную радиостанцию в Париже Eduard Novikov went from homeless to media Manager. The future journalist had to endure all the hardships of life in Paris. The man now plans to move on and start a private channel for the Russians in France.

      18 years ago Eduard Novikov did for a living that worked assembling furniture. With these skills, he decided to leave Russia to go to the capital of France. However, immediately applying their knowledge and skills, the man failed. For several years he had to be interrupted by casual earnings, and to spend the night Novikov was forced on the station. Without a roof over the head of Edward lived for two years. None the less, it did not leave a dream to master the media and to open own radio station. Over the years of stay in the French capital he found the strength and time to learn the basics of working in the media sphere.

      Ten years ago, Edward has the opportunity to realize its goal. Together with a friend he decided to start broadcasting on the Internet – friends the students have created for their website. Despite the fact that initially, the project did not bring tangible profit only a couple of years esters began to collect a few thousand listeners. Then the founders of the radio station decided to expand the state of his team.

      Not long ago, Edward said 10 years of your own project. His colleagues talked about how it all began and so they were able to achieve success.

      “If you ask me, what is the secret of a successful project, I will answer that in my case it is work seven days a week. Together. Necessarily trust, mutual assistance and the exchange of knowledge. A big part of my life takes place in the workplace, because I need it, it is important and interesting. We do not always have all went smoothly and immediately we clicked. But we were able to see each other as partners, and there was a real collaboration. We can, we have done, are doing and will be even more! Thank you for your trust, for support, for experience, for work done together. You have the worst character. But you are the best my head. Appreciate it. Respect. Thank you.” – said Yulia Dodonova, one of the leading radio Novikov.

      During the stay in Paris Edward changed about 15 jobs. Now the 49-year-old media Manager a successful business and plans for expansion of the business. As reports the edition Life, Novikov expects to open its own TV channel for the Russian in Paris. But he intends to broadcast on the Internet.

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