Russian Gerard Depardieu escapes to Algeria

Россиянин Жерар Депардье сбегает в Алжир The actor has found a new home. Gerard Depardieu, who five years ago received the citizenship of the Russian Federation intends to move to Africa. He admires the local culture and people.
Россиянин Жерар Депардье сбегает в Алжир

The world-famous French actor Gerard Depardieu in January 2013, he became a citizen of Russia. The reason for this was dissatisfaction with the power – the fact that he bought a house in Belgium, and the government considered it an attempt to evade taxes. Then the actor decided to refuse the passport of their country and Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the obtaining of a new document of the Russian. Just five days January holidays Depardieu has become a citizen of our country.

Later in mass media there was information that Gerard wants to gain a foothold in several other countries, including Algeria. Now he intends to move in this African Republic. Gerard explained his position.

“I’m going to live in Algeria, as Eric Cantona, who lives in Oran. I will soon live in Algeria, in La Madras. I’ll take the housing. I live a bit everywhere. The Algerians wouldn’t dare say half of what they say here. Respect in Algeria is much more noticeable,” said the actor.
Россиянин Жерар Депардье сбегает в Алжир

For some time, Gerard lived in Mordovia. He quickly received a residence permit and even were put to the leadership of the Republic to get property in a house or apartment. Had no problems with the property and on the South of the Russian Federation in Grozny, Ramzan Kadyrov presented him with the keys to five-room apartments and the title of honorary citizen of the Republic. In Chechnya, the actor starred in the film. For one of the scenes was a rented two-storey house. Secrets of the Russian Gerard Depardieu

“At noon we waited for the arrival of the film crew, said “StarHit” the mistress of the estate of Khadizhat Maskaev. – And about seven in the morning to the house he was approaching the squad of about 30 people with weapons. Looked everywhere – yard, garden, shed. With two dogs entered the house, everything in it is checked. Passed through the village, in the gorge looked. Talked to me very politely, comforted: “do Not worry, once so important, we must protect! It’s our job”. The guards were machines six or seven. After checking on the border of the village has placed people with guns. And while shooting is not ended, strangers in the Chechen Republic on is not allowed.”

However, Depardieu is now preparing for the new place of residence. He said that he was motivated to move to the African country. According to the artist, there are very smart people.

“This is the story. The people who don’t need one. These are very clever people who were captured are illiterate army in 1830”, – quotes the speech by the French newspaper La Provence.