Русские фильмы попали в рейтинг 100 лучших картин XXI века

British television and radio bi-Bi-si” has recognized films from Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev the best.

No wonder around a dramatic picture of “Leviathan” was so much hype. The film became not only the first in the history of post-Soviet Russia was awarded the prize “Golden globe”, but got 47th place in the rating of the best films of the XXI century.

In the ranking of the “bi-Bi-si took part 177 critics from around the world. Imagine the scale? We can say that every picture is literally examined under a magnifying glass! And in the end from the variety, the jury selected a hundred of the tapes, which had the honor to get on the list of honor.

The first line was a psychological Thriller , Mullholand drive” Director David Lynch.

The second place got in the mood for Love – Hong Kong Arthouse melodrama, directed by Wong Kar-Wai.

Third in the ranking – the epic drama “Oil” Oscar-winning Director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Fourth place went to the anime film “spirited away” by Hayao Miyazaki.

In the middle of the top ten located drama “Boyhood” by Richard Linklater.

Followed by “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind – drama with elements of fantasy, shot by Michel Gondry (is it Jim Carrey showed us that he’s an actor not just a comedian).

Seventh place went to the film “Tree of life” Director Terrence Malick.

On the eighth line of criticism put drama “One and a two Edward Yang.

Ninth position is assigned to the tape “Divorce Nader and Simin” registra Iranian Asghar Farhadi.

And on 10-th place got the picture brothers Cohen “to Old men here not a place”that we all experience, and received eight nominations for “Oscar”.

Russian films in the top ten were not included. However, the 47-th place, where the “Leviathan”, and 80s, which took the “Return” (both paintings took Andrey Zvyagintsev), this is a very good result! Especially when all the competition.

It is noteworthy that almost all the first line has got to the drama. Then there are films that make us think, still price.


In China, the Russian film “He – dragon” INDAR Jangubaev in four days of hire has collected 53 million yuan (almost $ 8 million!) and took fourth place in the list of ten new products of the Chinese car.

According to critics, the popularity of the film “He – dragon” is primarily associated with the mystical storyline that is very close to the Chinese filosofiei. No wonder the Chinese in ancient times called themselves descendants of the dragon.

In addition, the local girls were in awe of the main character actor Matvey Lykov. Every day on his account in social networks is signed, more and more Chinese women!

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