Russian double Depp plays guitar, and starred in advertising

Русский двойник Деппа играет на гитаре и снимается в рекламе

Rostov – lucky! Not everyone can boast that he has a photo in an embrace with johnny Depp. Yes! Even with his double.

Русский двойник Деппа играет на гитаре и снимается в рекламеJohnny Depp
Русский двойник Деппа играет на гитаре и снимается в рекламеHis double Alexander

On your amazing resemblance to the artist Alexander Padukas learned in the early 2000s. thousands Spectators went to the cinemas in the adventure film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But after seeing Alexander, right on the street told him that he is the double of a Hollywood star.

The padukas works as a singer and a musician in one of the Rostov restaurants, plays in the theatre, and no day is complete without a queue wanting to take pictures with the legendary Jack Sparrow. For 16 years, according to double, is the attention because of the similarity he got bored. But he perceives the situation as a given and recognizes that his life became much more fun. While fans of Rostov Depp think he is disingenuous: Alexander can often be seen on the streets of Rostov in the image.

But the wife Pamukova in early family life did not recognize him for Hollywood actor, and saw a man who fell in love, saw the eyes, the soul felt its energy. But now she’s like a make-up artist wife helps achieve maximum similarity with johnny handsome.

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The pinnacle of recognition of his resemblance to Depp the Padukas believes shooting is a men’s fragrance. In the story, johnny is so tired of the city life that he decides to run away from human fuss and went to the desert. It is in the “city” part of the movie and attended Alexander, and Depp was showing off for the cameras amid the sandy terrain.

Friends of Alexander thinking to contact the managers of Hollywood actor and achieve the status of a stand-in for Alexander in one of his future paintings.

On the question of whether singer and musician to become an actor not only theatre but also cinema, Alexander replied: “Movie is one of the most popular cultural phenomena in the world, the opportunity to realize themselves with one hand, the ability to create. A work of the highest achievement of the individual. But the cost to think about watching a movie”.

By the way, recently in Nizhny Novgorod found double Dima Bilan. The 31-year-old Oleg Filatov 19 children! However, from different women. Oleg (unlike his idol) can’t deny the fans and gladly accepts the offer to become the father of their children. And free.