Russian DoppelgangeR Leonardo DiCaprio shocked visitors ENEA

Русский двойник Леонардо Ди Каприо шокировал посетителей ВДНХ
Actor Roman Burtsev played the famous scene from “Titanic.”

Русский двойник Леонардо Ди Каприо шокировал посетителей ВДНХ

Roman Burtsev and Leroy lyubars’ka

Photo: PR-Agency “Bedos & Marennikova”

Visitors ENEA was amazed to see in the Park of the legendary Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the artist a little
stout. Struck fans of the stars that Leo is portrayed scenes from the movie that brought him fame — “Titanic.”

It turned out that this day was taking kinopremii the movie.
And instead of DiCaprio in the starring his lookalike — a Russian actor Roman
Burtsev. Kate Winslet on the set
“replaced” a well-known blogger Lera lyubars’ka.
The movie “Titanic” will become a member of the First all-Russian festival
kinoprobi “Sweding”, the final of which will take place on 6 August at the Winery.

“I have long known that similar to Leo — shared with actor. — I many years
talked about this, and in the last year this has been noticed by journalists, began to ask me all sorts of projects. I already participated
in many television projects, as well as in advertising
the filming, but in such film projects participating for the first time.
Moreover, until recently, I did not know what sweding,
but watched a few clips of the West, laughed, and decided to try
themselves in this genre.” Immediately after the filming of Roman Burtsev surrounded
dozens of people ask for a selfie with
double Di Caprio.

Roman Burtsev and Leroy lyubars’ka

Photo: PR-Agency “Bedos & Marennikova”

Siding —
this is a popular short film parody of
the well-known films made by Amateurs from all that literally
sense gets “handy”. The scenery from cardboard boxes,
costume spider-man from my grandmother’s dresses and the soundtrack, are sung
under the nose — here the main tools sidora. The film,
which was made a parody should be guessed from the first frame.

the festival Sweding” to take part can be anyone, filling out an application
the official website of the project. Under the terms of the festival in 3 minutes
the video in the process of filming do not use mounting programs
to create special effects and titles, and use the original
the soundtrack and the soundtrack from the movie. To evaluate Amateur work
will be a professional jury composed of famous Russian
Directors and actors, as well as popular video bloggers. Part
the festival jury included Andrey Merzlikin, Maksim Vitorgan, Constantine
Frolov, Irina Gorbachev, Pavel Bardin, Artem Korolev, Konstantin
Anisimov, Alexander Notkin and others.

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