Russian Director Elena Surina beat in Paris

Российского режиссера Елену Сурину избили в Париже

The Director of Russia Elena Surina was severely beaten in Paris. Now a researcher is in resuscitation unit of a hospital in the French capital, but found the strength to talk a little bit about the incident to the journalists of the TV channel REN-TV.

According to the Director, she was attacked by a man of European appearance, which in a few minutes “turned the face into a bloody mess”. Elena’s friend Ibrahim Suraev told reporters that an unknown attacker broke Surinoy jaw, nose and ribs.
It happened on March 31. Russian woman held in the ICU for a few days and only today will address to militiamen with the statement.
We will remind that it not the first similar case with Elena, which occurred in Paris. Two years ago she was attacked by two men and thwarted a St. George’s ribbon from her clothes.
Who or what did not please the Director, working in abroad, promotion of Russian culture will be set by the investigators.