Russian designer Olga Buzova accused of plagiarism

Российский дизайнер обвинил Ольгу Бузову в плагиате Evgenia Ozma outraged by the image of a star in the music video for the song “Hit parade”. According to the designer, Olga Buzova copied the image, created it. Fashion designer and stylist I asked for explanations to the representatives of the celebrities, but got no response.

Designer from Cheboksary Eugene Ozma made accusations in the address of Olga Buzova. The designer believes that the television personality and aspiring singer copied her image from the collection 2014. To prove his words Eugene posted on social networks a collage of two photos – the image of Olga’s music video “Hit parade” and the model in her hat, released a few years ago.

According to ozmy, she looked clip Buzova, in which she is wearing colorful headgear. The designer believes that this idea is borrowed from her. Eugene tried to contact star, but has not yet received a response.

“I’m just a little lazy did not write, whether it’s my hat in the music video for “Hit parade” Olga Buzova… honestly, recently I decided to watch the clip and saw the similarity, if the guys not that inspired and made his own, and completely copied all the image and shape and even posture! I, of course, immediately wrote to the Director with the question: “WTF?” That in response to the received noble silence. For me is plagiarism!” – says the designer.

The designer also appealed to the subscribers asking to share their opinions about the current situation. According to Eugenia, she gladly would have given my hat a star.

“What do you think? I, of course, in this story it would be just nicer, if I saw a message in whatsapp: “Hey, Ozma, and make us the same beauty.” Because I can, I have no idea,” said Ozma.

Some social media users suggested that plagiarism is not the work of Olga Buzova. In their opinion, it is unlikely that the TV itself was involved in the selection of images to the clip. As a rule, with such stars as Olga, has a team of designers and stylists.

Let’s add, that His not only a successful singer, but also a popular TV presenter. Recently, the First channel has officially confirmed the appointment of Olga. Star will be one of the individuals of the new show “womanish revolt”. In addition Buzova, they are also busy Yulia Baranovskaya, Sofiko Shevardnadze and Tatiana Vasilieva Elena Abitaeva. According to the idea of the project, they will discuss the latest news.

Later Olga added that it will continue to work with leading reality show “Dom-2”. Star plans to combine shooting on different channels, and continue to delight his fans with new songs. Buzova admits that she has very ambitious plans.