Russian Brad Pitt? The handsome son of George Vines captivated the viewers

Русский Брэд Питт? Красавец-сын Юрия Лозы покорил телезрителей
Oleg became a member of the new show on STS channel.

Oleg Loza

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Success”

Oleg Loza became a member of the show “Success”, launched over the weekend on channel STS. The son of his famous dad from the first minute performances conquered the audience. Oleg has not only beautiful appearance but also a strong voice through which he was able to stay in the project.

Judged by a younger Vines are an unusual company: Philip, rapper Purulent and Nyusha. This unusual jury distinguishes the project “Success” from many other competitions. It is curious that a man despite a difficult relationship with Mr Vine responded very positively to the appearance on stage of the Oleg. But Jane Purulent rapper was skeptical about the successor of the popular musician.

Oleg denies that daddy may have contributed to the fact that he became a member of the project, honestly: dad is known to be very critical and in case if the son were not worthy scenes just wouldn’t have given him to build a musical career. Oleg, of course, consulted with the Pope before apply for participation in the competition and received approval. “It seems to me that shame me not for that!” — said from the stage, 31-year-old Oleg. The audience is the son of Vines very much, and the results of the vote, it passed in the next round.