Русский бойфренд Линсдси Лохан оказался вовсе не олигархом
Yegor Tarabanov disappointed parents of the actress.

Lindsy Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov

Photo: @lindsaylohan (Instagram, Linsdsay Lohan)

Until recently, native Lindsay Lohan believed that in the face of Yegor Tarabarova she managed to find her boyfriend, and sponsor for future film projects. Surrounded by the actress confirmed that the young businessman is going to invest
funds in the films wants to star Lindsay — and reanimate her
slightly stalled career.

Alas, it turned out, Whitney is not so rich, as suggested by the environment of the actress. Moreover, it was found that he has no equity! Pocket money
costs he earns, acting as agent for the sale of real estate in
London. And the more serious the amount of money actually lives, Egor
receives from his father-a businessman. Also, I must say, not a billionaire: Tarabanov Sr.- the owner of a construction firm and several shops. So that he could hardly Finance the films with any serious budget.

Apparently, the news about the financial state of the current satellite Lindsay became unpleasant
a surprise for the parents of the actress. Michael and Dean have been divorced,
but both, not saying a word, warmly approved of the new novel daughters and even admitted that
wait Greg and Lindsay’s children. Without ceasing, praised the groom — he is a wonderful man, and how he
anxious to help their daughter.

But Lindsay seems not
too disappointed. She claims she desperately in love and completely
happy, and all the rest she does not care. The actress does not bother the
the fact that she is older her boyfriend of seven years. Lindsay confessed: she
already living together with Yegor under one roof, although they are only three

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