Русский бойфренд Линсдсей Лохан оказался вовсе не олигархом

Only Lindsay Lohan thought she found her Prince on a white horse as the Prince was not who he claimed to be.

A man named Yegor Tarabanov until recently established representative of the family with considerable capital, were not so rich as we had hoped relatives of the actress.

Earlier the press reported that the new love Lindsay owns a business which has a considerable revenue. Today, this information is refuted: Tarabarova no equity, and the pocket money he earns, acting as agent for the sale of real estate in London. And the more serious the amount of money actually lives, Egor receives from the father the businessman, who also by the way, not bathed in luxury.

Tarabanov Sr. during his life amassed a construction company, as well as a few shops.

Now Lohan is kicking herself and thinking, is it worth it to spend time on these relationships. After all, as previously reported, the actress is very much hoped that he will make an investment in some future movie, in which she will star and will thus be able to rehabilitate his career.

By the way, young has already began a life together after only three months of a relationship…Maybe it’s all the same love?

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