Русская красавица Нелли Минина стала украшением L’Officiel
Model Nelly Minin easily gave his consent to shoot for the L’officiel Middle East.

Русская красавица Нелли Минина стала украшением L’Officiel

Beauty with an aristocratic appearance is famous for its highly selective nature, if we are talking about working with glossy magazines. This time it bribed not only the log name but also the project itself in her portfolio shooting in the wilderness did not appear.

In fairness it should be noted that the wilderness for L’officiel crew was created in the conditions of the suburban sand quarry, but the photo came out so authentic and rich that it seems as if Nelly Arab Princess who travels with her caravan and came out somewhere in the desert to walk a bit and listen to the song of the Sands.

So delicate and fabulous image was created by stylist Alice Karlin, who chose for Nelly with her alabaster skin luxury dress color ashes of roses. And photographer Tasha Manaenkova managed to convey the unique atmosphere of the desert in frames like from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”.

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