Русская адаптация «Доктора Хауса» спровоцировала дебаты в Сети Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the video of the domestic version of the cult TV series with Hugh Laurie. “Dr. Richter” with Alexey Serebryakov, Anna Mikhalkova, Maria Mironova, and Ekaterina Vilkova has caused a mixed reaction from fans of the American analog.
Русская адаптация «Доктора Хауса» спровоцировала дебаты в Сети

This fall on the channel “Russia 1” will show the long-awaited domestic version of the popular American TV series “house MD” with Hugh Laurie. Long before the official premiere of the TV show has provoked lively discussions in the Network. Fans of the foreign series of the film expressed doubt that we will manage to surpass the original.

Recently the Internet has published a video “Dr. Richter” with the participation of Aleksey Serebryakov, Dmitry Entaltsev, Pauline chernyshovoy, Anna Mikhalkova, Maria Mironova, Ekaterina Vilkova, Alexander Yatsenko and many other famous actors. It is reported that viewers will see the first series very soon.

Русская адаптация «Доктора Хауса» спровоцировала дебаты в Сети

The video, posted online, aroused an ambiguous reaction of the audience. They distributed the video, accompanying his own evaluative comments. “Attention, low-quality content”, “How to unsee?”, “Strange thing”, “Why not a doctor?”, “I’m really interested in the choice of names,” wrote the Internet users.

At the same time, other viewers of the video said that filming the series was attended by talented artists. “I’ll be sure to watch. Serebryakov took a risky task, the cast is interesting”, “I do Not like remakes, but there will be Anna Mikhalkova,” – commented on them.

Русская адаптация «Доктора Хауса» спровоцировала дебаты в Сети

The most ardent fans of “Dr. house” who believe the original series with Hugh Laurie canonical, recorded videos and posted them on YouTube. According to bloggers, in the Russian version of the show nothing is original. Among those who criticized the new TV show, was the star of the Internet Nikolay Sobolev.

“In our country there is no development of the media sphere. We even come up with anything of his I can’t… All we do is just take and adapt foreign TV shows. Like you, my friends, “Dr. Richter”? Lol. 2017 in the yard – it’s just a disgrace. I know only one thing that was worse. This “Doctor Tyrsa”. You realize that they take the same series and adapt it several times,” said the young man in the video on your channel.

Sobolev also remembered other times when Russia shot their own versions of foreign television. “Escape,” “Happy together”, “Voronin”, “My fair nanny”, “Not born beautiful”… what to say, even if “Our Russia” was an adaptation of the British sketch show Little Britain? A Russian adaptation of the cult TV series “the big Bang Theory” called “Theorists”, was so miserable that she was laughing at even the actor of the original series,” says the blogger.

Recall that the shooting of “Dr. Richter” was held last year. The creators of the project was carefully concealed his details, so they are not leaked to the media before the premiere. The Director of the series was Andrei Proshkin, who worked on the Comedy “the Orleans”. It was already known that the story of the Russian “house” will most resemble the American counterpart. Russian remake of “Dr. house”: the cast, the filming location and the main secret project