Рассел Кроу стал полным до неузнаваемости

Рассел Кроу стал полным до неузнаваемости

Recently, the network appeared new photos of the 55-year-old famous actor Russell Crowe. All the fans were in shock at what he saw in such the physical form of the actor just doesn’t really know.

Photos were taken at Sydney airport. Russell was preparing to fly alone but accompanied by her assistant that works for him is not the first year. The celebrity was dressed in his customary sweat pants and dark blue Polo, which could not cover fall belly. Under shots of fans began to actively discuss the kind of actor, one of the fans noticed that the stomach can qualify for the eighth month of pregnancy. And it’s true!

The whole community in 2018 noticed that Russell has seriously gained weight. Then, at an important event in Rome Crowe gave a short interview and explained why he looks like that. It turns out he was purposely gaining weight to take part in the filming of the picture “Erased identity”.

At that moment, all the fans are very worried, noting that such rapid weight gain can badly affect the General health of the actor. The film is over, and the last photo suggests that Russell stout even more.

At the same time in Rome, the actor admitted that his role requires a weight of 140 kg, it is an impressive value. And if we assume that at the moment, the celebrity continues to gain weight for further filming, then this can really affect his health.

Рассел Кроу стал полным до неузнаваемости

At the moment fans are interested in the question to what extent Russell is ready to scoff at his body. After all, last year he spent a lot of effort to change the metabolic substance in your body.

In fact, the actor is almost always necessary to change their appearance for different roles. It often lose weight or fat. By the way, the stories of the crow to gain weight for his body is not difficult, but to lose weight getting harder and harder. However, even this trend does not stop him and he continues to experiment on himself.

Based on recent photos, the star has long been non-responsive at his reflection in the mirror. He became popular after starring in the film “Gladiator”, Russell’s in there in all its glory showed muscles and a beautiful toned body. Thousands of fans then admired his perfect figure.

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