Russell Crowe was chasing Nicole Kidman

Рассел Кроу решил приударить за Николь Кидман
The actor took advantage of the problems in the family life of the actress.

Рассел Кроу решил приударить за Николь Кидман

Russell Crowe


Nicole Kidman


Guests secular
parties in Sydney (Australia) was puzzled by the behavior of Russell Crowe. The thing
that 53-year-old actor, enjoys the reputation of a real don Juan, behaved with the existing 50-year-old Nicole Kidman is absolutely not friendly. Not only is he openly flirting with her and
amused by it all night, but also allowed herself to be hugged Nicole, then shoulders, then
waist. And she, incidentally, is a married lady!

Allegedly Kidman
liked Crowe, who in 2012 broke up with his wife Danielle Spencer,
for a long time. However, before he did not allow himself against her nothing
extra, not wanting to provoke problems with her husband Keith urban. But
since the recent rumors about
infidelity urban steel is particularly resistant, crow, apparently decided that
to take advantage of. Maybe Russell took the recent “demonstration flirting”
Kidman with Director Garth Davis as a sign that the actress is ready
to enter into a new relationship.

In any case, as
Crowe told one of his friends, soon he is going to take
serious “assault on the heart of Nicole”. And he will have to do this time and
opportunity. After all, soon Russell and Kidman will start shooting the drama “the Boy Erased”,
the Director will be Joel Edgerton. However, what will result from the venture
Russell and how far he will allow himself to go the offended husband to Nicole, shows
the further development of events.