Russell Crowe takes revenge on Tom cruise

Рассел Кроу мстит Тому Крузу
Australian actor demonstrates his hatred of her ex-husband of Nicole Kidman on the set of the movie “the Mummy 2”.

Russell Crowe acted in the blockbuster “the Mummy 2” with his Nemesis Tom cruise, and it’s rather a delicate situation for both the actors and the crew. Because Russell Crowe is a close friend of Nicole Kidman and since Tom cruise dumped her, he not only broke all contact with him, but openly shows his aversion for the man, meanly, in his opinion, received from Nicole. And now, when fate brought these two stars on the same set, Crowe, known for his directness and lack of diplomatic skills, constantly at all makes it clear to Cruz that has not forgiven and is not going to forgive him.

Crowe is very long friends with Nicole Kidman and strongly supported her after a painful break-up with cruise in 2001 after 11 years of marriage. Similarly, Nicole Kidman is always ready to help other when Russell had problems with his own wife and mother of his two children, Danielle Spencer. Incidentally, the actor has still not divorced his wife continuously has been another rumor about their alleged impending reunion. As for Nicole, she is again at the epicenter of talk and predictions about the imminent end of her second marriage with musician Keith urban.

Shortly before the New year they were seen arguing just a few seconds before the red carpet — at the premiere of the new film Kidman “lion” in Sydney. Keith urban, as usual, according to Australian publication New Idea they tried to ruin my wife’s mood, being unhappy with the attention it has received. It is often rumored that Nicole complains that her career is much steeper than his, and that she failed to fulfill its promises more to sit at home and not removed. Last year, the couple hardly saw each other due to filming of the actress and the urban tour, which lasted six months. But despite the recorded reporters scandal, in which Nicole and Keith were exchanging insults to each other on new year’s eve fun, they danced on the club scene in Nashville. Rather, Kidman danced to the songs, who performed with his band for her husband.