Russell Crowe once again going to marry

Рассел Кроу вновь собрался жениться
The actor no longer wants to hide his love.

Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin


The news that Russell Crowe was going again
to become a married man, happy friends and fans of the actor. After All, Crowe,
who several years ago divorced his wife and mother of his two
children of Danielle Spencer, are not too happy with his bachelor life. He tried to make peace with
Daniel and his family back, but failed.
Spencer did not want to forgive their former spouse, who is not only her
cheated on, but to else and did not want to control your violent temper.
But now in the life of Russell it is time for major change. This was announced
the Australian edition of New Idea.

According to the reporters of this publication, Russell
not only found a new love, but already plans to make her his
lawful wife. 52-year-old actor has found a friend in the face of his peers, also
a resident of Australia Terri Irwin. As
it turned out, Crowe and Terry started Dating for quite some time, but until recently
time, kept their relationship a secret. The fact that Terry’s a
kind of a celebrity in his homeland. She is the wife of the scientist-zoologist,
traveller and TV presenter Steve Irwin, who believes in Australia almost
a national hero. And since Steve was killed in the accident
case 10 years ago, Terry kept
faithful to the memory of her husband and refused to meet anyone.

But Russell, who was at the time, buddy
Steve, all the time supported with Terry and her family a friendly contact. And
gradually their friendship developed into more
a gentle feeling. Rumors that the actor is in love with ex-wife Steve started
spread some time ago. But Crowe and Terry was in no hurry
to recognize the fact of his novel. But now Russell and his favorite finally decided to stop hiding their relationship. More
how admitted to his friends crow, he intends in the foreseeable future
to formalize the relationship with Terry.