Рассел Кроу распродает имущество
Actor says goodbye to the past.

Рассел Кроу распродает имущество

Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe has planned the event, which
allow him to get rid of excess property, solve your psychological
problems, and at the same time still earn! As announced 53-year-old actor, he will hold
the auction, which intends to sell part of their property. And he calls it
“The art of divorce.” Crowe, who in 2012 broke up with his wife Danielle
Spencer, explained: “Divorce allows you to rethink your life and realize that
for you really important and what is not. Personally, I realized that I collected too many things to do with my career, things that I
collected and just any “nonsense”. I have accumulated a lot of boxes
this. I would like to move on inhaling clean air,
not the dust…”

Among the lots that Crowe put on
the auction is quite interesting and valuable things — like diamond rings,
watches, guitars, pictures and “Souvenirs” left over from Russell after filming. In addition
he wants to say goodbye to two motorcycles and Mercedes, 2001 year
production. As reported, this auction will be held in Australia, April 7 — the day of the 15th anniversary of the wedding of Russell and Danielle.

Recall: the crow began Dating Australian
singer Daniel
Spencer in 1989. In
April 2003, they got married, and in December was born —
Charles. The second son of the spouses Tennyson was born three years later.

Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer