Russell Crowe had an affair with the star of “king Kong”

Рассел Кроу закрутил роман со звездой «Кинг-Конга»
The actor is Dating Naomi watts.

Рассел Кроу закрутил роман со звездой «Кинг-Конга»

Russell Crowe


Naomi Watts


52-year-old Russell Crowe, despite the fact that in the last
time for a bit of lost form, continues to enjoy success with women. It
the latest achievement is that he managed to win the heart of Naomi watts.

Russell and Naomi have long been familiar. But until recently, their relationship
were purely friendly character, because both were occupied. Naomi was
in a civil marriage with Levon Schreiber. But Russell, who in 2012 broke up
with his wife Danielle Spencer, had an affair with Terri Irwin, the widow of his friend
TV presenter and traveler Steve Irwin
where he even planned to marry. However, in December last year Russell and
Terry has decided to end their relationship. And watts, in turn, announced
she and Schreiber is the father of her two children (9-year-old Alexander and 8-year-old
Of Samuel), with whom she lived for 11 years — decided to leave. So now
and Naomi and Russell are completely free.

According to the informant of the edition, Naomi, who’s hard
experienced a rupture of relations with the civil husband turned to her
old buddy Russell for support. And, as is often the case, Crowe
got a little carried away with his role, and the relationship has quietly developed into a novel.

Recently watts and Crowe have seen
together, including, in various new York restaurants, where they behaved as
a pair of lovers. And though their romance while in the most
the initial stage of development, and Naomi and
Russell already making plans for the future together.