Russell Brand will raise a daughter as a “person without a gender”

Рассел Бренд будет воспитывать дочь как «личность без пола»

Oh, these modern manners! Actor Russell Brand, former husband of American singer Katy Perry, who last week became the first father decided on the name for her daughter. 41-year-old comedian and his beloved Laura Gallagher are incredibly excited about the light of the firstborn, and the first time did not disclose their gender. Blabbed about it sister mothers.

The girl called Maybelle, a bit rare, but still a very nice name, very popular in the Victorian weather. The girl’s parents believe that the short form of the Latin name, meaning “attractive,” will affect the life of the baby.
At the same time, Russell “does not intend to focus on the field daughter.” In an interview with The Jonathan Ross Show, the Brand has made a very strange statement. He admitted that neither he nor his bride would not find out the gender before he was born, not to build any plans for his future.
“I can’t even take the baby to no sex and believe that it should be defined itself. That’s my concept,” said Russell.
Of course the child gender-neutral should live in appropriate conditions, but for modern parents, particularly children of celebrities, this is not uncommon. So, the firstborn Joliette daughter Shiloh, still wears clothes for boys and refuses to start the hair, and these are the sons of Gwen Stefani adore your long hair and don’t want to cut them.