Russell Brand confirmed the pregnancy of his beloved

Рассел Бренд подтвердил беременность своей возлюбленной

Ex-husband of American singer Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand confirmed appeared a few weeks ago, information about that soon the light will be his firstborn. On his page in the social network, the comedian told everyone about the pregnancy of his beloved Laura Gallagher, and did it way he knows how, with humor.

On his page in social network Instagram Russell depicts himself reading a book, Dina beaumont “Manual grant fathers waiting.”
“My mom brought me this to read. The time to prepare” — he wrote. this is the first time the Brand has said that going to be a father, despite the fact that the rumors about this went in may. Then, publication the Sun reported that the new girlfriend of actor with whom they live together only six months, is carrying his baby.
“Russell had a lot to offer women, but only Laura can make him a father. Pregnancy – a new Chapter of their relationship and their lives. They enjoy this time and new experiences, talking about the future, discussing names. Russell brand is ready for fatherhood. Most of his friends have families and children, he also desperately dreams of family” — said the sources, then.
Last month, the Brand invited Laura to marry him and even organized a little party for friends and family for this reason. The bride of Russell supports his idea to let less prying into their personal life. They are trying to lead a secretive lifestyle and do not share joint images. Happiness loves silence, and a Brand nobody knows about it. His novel and then his marriage to Katy Perry was on everyone’s mind. the couple married in October 2010, but 14 months later, Brand filed for divorce, pointing to the graph on the causes of the notorious “irreconcilable differences”.

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