Руслана Коршунова: причина смерти

The death of a young Kazakh model Ruslana Korshunova, died in new York in the summer of 2008 provoked a wave of rumors, speculation and gossip. In the conditions of modern information reality, any version of the tragedy may be true, but the lack of tangible evidence, and at the same time makes it almost pointless. For many, the cause of death of Ruslana Korshunova and remained an unresolved mystery.

Ruslan lived with her mother and brother near Alma-ATA, when her accident in 2003, spotted at the photos of magazine”All Asia” employee of the famous modeling Agency “MODELS 1” Debbie Jones. She was attracted to the amazing beauty of a simple girl with a beautiful face and long blond hair. After a short time, Ruslana signed a contract with the firm and in 2005 she became a member of the new York fashion week, where he was recognized as a “major discovery” of this event.

		Руслана Коршунова: причина смерти

Photo: Ruslana Korshunova

Career development “the Russian Rapunzel” – Ruslana called for the length and beauty of her lovely hair, walked hard and fast. She performed as a model in several prestigious advertising campaigns, and her photographs appeared on the covers of fashion magazines: French “ELLE” Polish “Vogue”. It was even invited to the casting of the film “perfume: the Story of a murderer” by Tom Tykwer, acclaimed in 2006, the Fate of the model of world-class promised Ruslan exciting and comfortable life.

And suddenly, in the midst of the most favorable for modeling time Korshunova found dead under the Windows of her Manhattan apartment on the ninth floor.

Arrived at the scene, police concluded that the non-violent nature of death, classifying it as a suicide. Rather just, they, thus, was guided by the inspection of the scene, premises from which was made the alleged jump, the presence or absence of evidence, etc.

		Руслана Коршунова: причина смерти

However, the discussion about the death of Ruslana in the media that began with the question of why favored by the fate of 21-year-old girl decided to take her own life, flowing into doubt and then denial of its independence. The notorious freedom of speech led to the emergence of the mass versions of how events proceeded. There were rumors about the extreme poverty that forced young international fashion model and living in the heart of new York, to take a terrible decision, the influence of drugs, broken love and even about the possibility of murder.

		Руслана Коршунова: причина смерти

People who do not prove their conclusions weighty arguments, said that falling down, Ruslana had to hit the visor on the wall to fall into the other side of the sidewalk or to leave a suicide note. Appeared eyewitnesses of his relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues and just experienced people in defense of this or that conjecture.

		Руслана Коршунова: причина смерти

In the photo: the tomb of Ruslana Korshunova

Perhaps many of the circumstances of this drama are clearer years later and in POPs some important detail. But now the official cause of death of Ruslana Korshunova is suicide which, unfortunately (or alleviate) the public, no one could reasonably and fairly argue against the statement.

She was buried at khovanskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Text: Natalia Aristova