Русфонд: полиция не спешит искать украденные деньги Фриске

Law enforcement authorities refused to initiate criminal proceedings for lack of evidence of the existence of a crime.

June 15 will mark the one-year point, it does not become a famous singer Zhanna Friske, and the war between her closest men, and the father of the civil husband has yet to cease. Starting to think that Dmitry Shepelev and Vladimir Friske will never be able to resolve the conflict on their own. Only the law can bring at least some stability in their communication.

Not so long ago Vladimir was ready first to go to a meeting to Dmitry and to finally bury the hatchet. All for the sake of the grandson of Plato, whom he has not seen for eight months. But everything changed abruptly when the lawyer Dmitry Shepelev said that there is a document pointing to the involvement of the mother of the late Jeanne Friske to the disappearance of 25 million rubles… Yes, those with the world on a string going on the treatment of Jeanne. Because of this, the condition of the mother of Jeanne Friske has deteriorated sharply. Now, Vladimir does not intend to be reconciled with Shepelev (read more here).

Recall, after the world learned about the disease Zhanna Friske, the First channel and charity organization “Rusfond” announced the collection of funds for treatment of the singer. Responded millions. As a result, the Fund transferred to the account of Joan 25 011 790 rubles.

By the time the famous actress did not, her family had to spend on treatment daughter is only 4 million, which has provided all the receipts and documents. What became of the rest of the money is unknown.

Charitable organization a few months was trying to get missing documents, but nothing was provided. Dmitry and Vladimir disown this money, translating the arrows on top of each other. In the end, the Rusfond remained nothing how to address in law enforcement bodies with a request to bring criminal case upon plunder of 20 831 890 rubles.

And then the fun began, began to surface details about some fake certificates, powers of attorney, accounts abroad. So, the party Dmitry claims that they have a document proving that two weeks before the death of Jeanne, the money was withdrawn from her account by proxy.

At the request of the police, who exactly withdrew the money ROSBANK (there were open accounts) to not answer in a hurry. The same demonstrates the slowness of the Russian oncological scientific center named. N. N. Blokhin, where to store the reports about how much was actually expended funds for treatment Friske. Doctors, like bankers, stubbornly silent.

Is not the police for questioning and the father of singer Vladimir Friske. Anyone who can shed some light at least some truth, stubbornly silent. Even the police did not show much interest in the case, but Respond to give up is not configured.

According to the results of this investigation from law enforcement officers came to the resolution on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings with the wording: “Objective evidence of the existence of a crime… within the statutory period is not set.”

In this regard, today Rusfond appealed against the decision on refusal in excitation of criminal case to the Prosecutor in the manner prescribed by article 124 and 125 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation.

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