Rupert Sanders considers an affair with Kristen Stewart mistake

Руперт Сандерс считает роман с Кристен Стюарт ошибкой

The scandalous adulterous Rupert Sanders with the Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart ruined the marriage of Director and relationship of the artist with Robert Pattinson, was the reason that male for a few years disappeared from the radar of the media and the public. Five years later, Rupert is his new film “Ghost in the shell” (“Ghost in the Shell”) with Scarlett Johansson in the title role.

In advancing ribbon Sanders have a lot to communicate with journalists, but the trouble is the tape is of little interest. More and more questions wordsmiths set about the affair of Rupert and Kristen, which was the reason that Sanders was out of sight.
“We never know what life prepares for us in the future, around every corner awaits us something new. Life is such and we are moving forward as best they can and sometimes make mistakes. I, like everyone else, are not immune from mistakes, but if they do not, then my life would be fresh,” said Sanders journalists of the newspaper Metro.
Recall that Rupert and Kristen started Dating during the filming of “snow white and the Huntsman” (“Snow White and the Huntsman”) in 2012. The wife of Sanders, liberty Ross, who lost his head in the affair with Stewart, took the kids and filed for divorce. Kristen gave a public apology to Robert, but he was not able to drink from a Cup from which you drank someone else. They made another attempt to be together, but it was futile. After that Kristen was not trying to have Affairs with men, she now prefers women, but Robert has a serious relationship with singer Waist Barnett, where he is even going to marry.