Runaway bride: why Sedokova Khodchenkova and Golubkina left the men before the wedding

Сбежавшие невесты: почему Седокова, Ходченкова и Голубкина бросили мужчин перед свадьбой Celebrities never went to the altar with loved ones. Anna Sedokova chosen career, Svetlana Khodchenkova tired of scenes of jealousy of her boyfriend, and Maria Golubkina are unable to find the funds for the celebration.
Сбежавшие невесты: почему Седокова, Ходченкова и Голубкина бросили мужчин перед свадьбой

These weddings were waiting for millions of fans. Was wondering what dress choose the stars, how much to spend on the celebration. But… “StarHit” learned why the celebrity cast of the elect before the altar.

Anna Sedokova

Refused to sacrifice career for family

25-year-old businessman Artem Komarov, the owner of a large construction company, Anna last summer introduced the singer Andrey Kovalev. The young people liked each other, started a passionate affair (meeting recognition), which the singer carefully concealed. She soon became pregnant, flew to Los Angeles, where, on 8 April, the couple had a son Hector. However, before birth the young people experiencing problems in relationships.

Anna Sedokova announced irreconcilable differences with his father third child

“The guys have all been on the verge of a foul, is not easy – the passions, quarrel, reconciliation, says “StarHit” friend Anna – Maria. – Yes, and they lived in the two countries, Artem is in Russia, Anya is in America… He kept sending her flowers, gifts, called each other every day”.
Сбежавшие невесты: почему Седокова, Ходченкова и Голубкина бросили мужчин перед свадьбой

After the birth of a child Sedokova flew in from Los Angeles to Moscow to continue work, graphic artist tightly painted: concerts, tours, photography. The mother of three children, besides the son of Anna and has two daughters, Alina and Monica, from other relations, have tried to manage everything, not forgetting his personal life.

“A few months ago Artem introduced a favorite with parents and early summer made an offer to, continues Maria. But Anya refused. It was a surprise. I even heard they were planning a wedding for August! Know that the decision was given to her by the price of sleepless nights. She’s a smart girl, hard worker. Of course, wants to meet a man who will become her soul mate in everything: to understand, to help, to surround with care and attention. Artem is a lovely guy, but tried to restrict her, advise her to leave the stage to devote himself to the family. Sedokova same without concerts can not live! The boys have now stopped all contact. As far as I know, he calls her, wrote SMS, but no answer. Son completely on her, but bears the name Artem. It is clear that feelings are not gone, Anya tries to drown. It takes time. It’s very Mature of you strong women that understand that they are not on the way. Cope.”

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Tired of scandals jealous

Сбежавшие невесты: почему Седокова, Ходченкова и Голубкина бросили мужчин перед свадьбой

The actress broke up with businessman George by Patriliny by dissolving the engagement. The young people met four years, and offer hands and hearts Svetlana received after a performance in the theater: George appeared on stage with a bouquet, got down on one knee in a room full of spectators…

However, a month before the wedding Khodchenkova suddenly ended the relationship. The reason was the excessive workload Petrishina work, saying, the man did not pay proper attention sweetheart. In addition, he harassed the girl out of jealousy, tried to control her every move. Naturally, the 34-year-old beauty did not remain long alone, for an actress courted and friend George, a businessman Cyril Oil, and one of his colleagues on the set.

“Light a serious approach to the choice of a life partner, – has shared with “StarHit” surrounded by the actress. – She’s self-sufficient, strong, she needs someone confident and loving man. While she is alone, works hard, and recently staged a small vacation with mom Tatiana Vladimirovna and his cousin spent a week in Greece – Halkidiki hotel Corfu Palma boutique hotel Spa Resort”.
Сбежавшие невесты: почему Седокова, Ходченкова и Голубкина бросили мужчин перед свадьбой

Maria Golubkina

Want to pay off my debts before the wedding

Maria and Boris first met 25 years ago on the porch of the theatre of the University. During the study they were friends, but then long time no talk. Only recently reconnected… and fell in love with each other. Boris introduced Mary’s parents, the pair then introduced the children. Prison term served Livanov for murder, Golubkina not bother. The case went to the wedding which was to take place this summer, when suddenly on 23 July on the website of Boris in the social network there was a post: “good luck, my dear Mary! It was fun, to be honest”.

Fans of the pair decided that their love end. However, according to Mary, it is not so.

“Mom, I love bandit”: why do celebrities choose men with a criminal record

“Who said that our relationship is not held, is mistaken. It’s all good. ima just postponed the wedding indefinitely – shared Golubkina with “StarHit”. There are several reasons: first – the lack of money to organize a celebration. Second – a huge amount of unfinished business. Marriage is an economic history, combining our efforts. That’s when everyone will be paying the bills, you can start with a clean slate. The groom liked my mother Larisa Golubkina. “Boris, by the way, more beautiful than his grandfather and dad!” – she said”.

Now Maria was closely involved in the move. “I solve the issues with the house, – continues the actress. – Sitting in a pile of boxes, Boria involved don’t want, we don’t even see each other. Livanov, of course, offers: “let me help you!” I flatly. Let them do their own things – art, literature. This summer on vacation we fell in love, had fun, and now began the theatrical season – no. I have a new show – “Love and pigeons”, the first rehearsal took place on 1 September, and the 12th to come out to the audience. Are terrified! Imagine if on top of another would add the wedding chores? I’d be out of your mind”.