Rumors about the terrible diagnosis of Val Kilmer confirmed

Слухи о страшном диагнозе Вэла Килмера подтвердились
Michael Douglas accidentally issued the secret friend was right.

Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer, who until recently categorically
deny the fact that suffering
from cancer, was forced to admit that all the rumors about him
the condition is justified. So Michael Douglas announcing the illness of his
other in October last year, he was right.

Kilmer had now to tell the truth, to avoid
very unpleasant accusations. After all
one of her recent public performances, Kilmer was so vague
it that fans suspected that the actor was drunk or under the influence
drugs. And now, during the conversation held in one of the chats on the Network,
Val Kilmer agreed to openly answer the question of a fan on his

“Michael probably tried then to help me, explaining
why I took so long to appear in public. I really struggled with cancer… But
my tongue is still so swollen that it’s hard for me to say…” —
admitted Val.

Over the last three years in the overseas press,
writing about Kilmer, not just speculated about his illness. First
the actor dramatically lost weight to such an extent that it has become almost unrecognizable, then there
in public with a rubber tube connected to the throat. And later it was possible
consider a large scar on the neck of the artist is clearly from surgery.
Several times in the press leaked information about the next admission
Val, however, the actor each time strongly denied such information. ”
I have no tumor and I did not do any surgery!” — he wrote in
the page on the social network, to appease his fans. Stealth
actor a explain his belonging to the sect “Christian science”, which
among other things, forbids his followers to resort to