Rumors about poverty Ranevskaya was an exaggeration

Слухи о бедности Раневской оказались преувеличением
In unpublished notes by Gleb Skorokhodov there was evidence about the state of the actress.

Shot from a film “Spring”. 1947


Sister Gleb Skorokhodov Inga shared with “7D”
unpublished records brother on the Faina
Ranevskaya. In particular, Gleb Panfilov debunks the myth of the poverty of the great
actress: “for some reason had the impression that she lived in poverty. But it was only to
until she became famous. When I met her Ranevskaya already
ten years lived in a luxury high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in the spacious
two-bedroom apartment with a huge kitchen and bathroom.” At the time, actress three times
was awarded the Stalin prize two times two, times one — third. “It
was quite a lot of money! Stalin prize of the second degree — 50 thousand
rubles, the third — 25. For comparison: in those years, over 16 thousand was
“Victory” buy. One artist, who received the award simultaneously with Ranevskaya,
said, “gonna buy a Car! Wife — shift!” I wrote on their premiums helped
friends, handing out debts, bought dog meat in “Eliseevsky”, well
still spending “cap,” writes walkers. Moreover, it notes also
it follows that the Faina G., contrary to popular belief, was not
helpless in everyday life. “She often took the hammer in his hands, could easily kill
shelf or something to fix”.

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