Рома Зверь изменился ради супруги
For the past twelve years the popular singer Roma the Beast is happy together with his wife Marina Queen.

Рома Зверь изменился ради супруги

Husbands don’t like sharing details of family life, and do not show their children.

Even a long time no one knew about the relationship of the singer with the girl, but in 2004 the young people were married.

Рома Зверь изменился ради супруги

Recently released a new book of the Novel “the Sun behind us,” where he spoke about such things that were previously unknown to anyone.

“The Marina suffered a lot. Sometimes, we drove from the tour, felt like drinking in the train and together with Kirill Martynov and had come to our house to continue. And here’s the situation: Marina opens the door, comes this drunk shobla. Libation of alcohol, songs, disputes, curses flying from the window of a guitar. I was throwing out, why not say: I was drunk. This desire for destruction and aggression.

Heart dope something out. Plus the fact that we are known for: I’m a star, take a bath, if someone does not like it. Marina was tired and at one point said, “I’m leaving.” She was going to, but did not. I changed…” – shares his thoughts the man in the book.

In the end, it was a turning point for the Novel, and he made the decision to change, otherwise he will lose his beloved.

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