Rules Oksana Fedorova: about men, work and fears

Правила Оксаны Федоровой: о мужчинах, работе и страхах The presenter is our favorite heroine, who actively shared with the editors personal stories. Social activist, philanthropist, Creator of the brand clothes and just a mom – it’s all about Fedorova. The star told how she overcame complex fatherlessness and taught by a spiritual mentor.
Правила Оксаны Федоровой: о мужчинах, работе и страхах

In September, the designer was given a new assignment, becoming Director of the Moscow Museum of fashion. By the way, she already appeared in the first issue, then and in the jubilee on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the magazine. We decided not to change the tradition, and I asked Oksana to philosophise a little and share the principles that she follows in life.


“My mother raised me by herself. Brothers and sisters there, although in my childhood I dreamed about them. That’s probably why I always wanted to have many children. Imagine how the house will sound inextinguishable laughter. And happy that all of the desired I now have. Family mini-state with its rules and positions, the stronghold and the great support. One spirit strengthen common interests, traditions and, of course, children. Becoming a mom, I found joy and harmony. Son and daughter not only taught me patience and wisdom, but freed from selfishness, inspired for new achievements. Now, all through the lens of Fedya and Liza – for the impact of my actions, and will they be okay? Nothing is more important than the realization that through you came into the world two souls. So you’re the Creator”.


“For any woman the main thing to be loved. When she feels doubt and the claims go. I was lucky husband Andrew, a model of decency, courage, strength and honor. But strong relations are impossible without victims. Need to find time for each other and sometimes to sacrifice personal interests for the sake of a loved one”.
Правила Оксаны Федоровой: о мужчинах, работе и страхах


“Professional activity helps me to realize ideas and abilities. Try to keep a balance between work and family, which for me is a priority. Sometimes I take Lisa and Fedya with us, so they see what mom’s doing. It is even interesting. Of course, children grow and require more and more attention, and I failed to pay. Then I talk and explain the situation. Most importantly – they know that Mama loves them and will always be there in difficult times”.


“Money must serve man, not Vice versa. You must understand that the finances of the world are in the hands of the Almighty. Each will be given as much as he really needed. Yeah, fat wallet makes life more comfortable. Money can buy the best clinics, but not health, gifts, but not friendship, furniture, but not the comfort in the house. I treat finances carefully, it is easy to part with them. In the family, of course, primarily a man earns. A woman should not be wasteful, reasonable cost has not been canceled. For example, I often wear clothes of their own brand of designers or friendly that she presented. With regard to salons and cosmetics, many services nowadays, you can get on barter. Free money left, I spend on charity.”

Правила Оксаны Федоровой: о мужчинах, работе и страхах


“After marriage, the friends automatically fade into the background. Talk for hours on the phone harmful to family health. But I have a few female friends with whom I communicate with youth. Plus over the years of working together closer with some colleagues. Sometimes we arrange hen. For me a friend is not just people with similar interests he shares with you the joy of victory and helps in trouble. Sometimes, I even feel like a bad friend, and I call, not waiting when she will tell what happened.”


“If the people do not have basic instinct of self-preservation, the life would be unpredictable. The fears inherent in all and changed over the years. For example, during the service I was afraid of superiors. We had the Deputy chief of school police in basic training, which was terrifying to the whole neighborhood. Once met me on the grounds of the facility nor of the sudden ripped the cadet’s stripes and declared seven outfits out of turn. After that I could not communicate with his generals without a shudder.

When I started to work on television, I felt uncomfortable in front of the camera and the audience. But with time and practice, the stiffness is gone. Actually, for me the most important is the fear of God. Spiritual Advisor says: “Lost money is lost nothing is lost health is half lost, lost God, lost it all.” Believe me that without the will over not a hair fall from the head of a man.”
Правила Оксаны Федоровой: о мужчинах, работе и страхах


“The father was absent in my life, and that was my main complex. Fight it helped my grandfather, for which I am very grateful to him. In part, he has taken on the role of men in the house. Dad left the family when I was little. Later tried to track him down, but his father had already died.”


“My grandmother always said that we should not spare money for cosmetics and for face. A woman should be groomed at least out of respect to others. Of course, I’m working carefully follow the diet, do sports, visit a massage therapist. The beauty demands victims.

After birth, as most moms, gained weight, and then sat on a diet. Let’s admit it: most healthy food – tasteless. And going to the gym, sometimes you have to overcome laziness. I go to stretching and dancing. Already mastered the tango, waltz and Foxtrot. These are the activities that I like”.


“The problems we learn and become wiser. If it were possible to go back in time, I did not wish to change. Believe in God’s Providence for each person. We are given free will to make choices. When father scolds the child, does not want the baby to hurt himself, he does it out of love for him. And God sometimes punishes us, that we have not made more evil for themselves. I thank life for every day, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.”


“As a child I was Moody and restless girl. In the end, stuffed a lot of cones. No wonder they say that fate is character. Over time he learned to control emotions, because shouting and swearing destroys peace in the soul, from which suffer the most. If you don’t follow your moral state and behavior, it will make someone else. For example, I hate to be late. I always was annoyed about this, until I realized that the scale of the Universe and life in General my delay – stuff, which do not spoil the mood.”