Юлия Савичева рассказала о главном достижении маленькой дочки
The singer shared his joy with the fans.

Rudy could not hide his joy about the important achievements of his little daughter. Anya, which recently turned one, learned to walk.

“Uraaa! My baby went! And ran just! — laughs Yulia. She is very active, sharp, not afraid anything yet! Prior to this, walkers are constantly running around, then the handle, and now even repels me, she wants. Fall, of course! Will Pornichet slightly and then moves! Right now though, a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads wear her! Incidentally, I also a year went. The Apple fall far from the tree!”

Savicheva very happy because missed new venture Ani. Often because of concerts and tours of the singer learns about the achievements of the daughters of the other. In particular, due to the busy schedule, the singer could not be present at the birthday Anya. The singer performed in the city on the city Day. So to congratulate the heiress she had in the Network.

“Bless you, dear! Even though I was not able to be there physically on this momentous day, I’m always there for you soul, no matter how many kilometers there was between us. I write all this because I know when you grow up, you all read it. We congratulate so many caring people! Pleasantly surprised. Thank you! Happy birthday to you and our family! Infinitely love you,” admitted Julia.