Рудковская собрала всех звезд ради секретного проекта

The producer and her mentee Dima Bilan called in his new clip almost half of the Russian show-business. And even the daughter of Steven Spielberg!

“Well, come on, shooting a secret music video…” – since the morning of intriguing their fans with Yana Rudkovskaya and one publishes in his blog photos with stellar colleagues. There Polina Gagarina, and Adelina Sotnikova, and Elena Temnikova, and Ales Kafelnikov, and Dima Bilan, and even the daughter of Steven Spielberg!

Fans decided that the shooting of the video. But couldn’t understand whose it was. The more that Rudkovskaya did not disclose all the cards, keeps the suspense:

“The main role is not Dima, and even though he will be there! But who is the main character, a little late.”

Most issues arise when looking at joint photo Rudkovskaya and daughter of Steven Spielberg. I want to ask: what is she doing here? But John, unfortunately, this question is left unanswered.

“For my older children, she is a Megastar, she is kind and positive, she is an incredible visionary with a million ideas, and 2.3 million followers on Instagram, she has 440 million views on YouTube! She is @sashaspilberg, and she’s only 18” – continued to intrigue subscribers producer.

However, long remain silent Yana couldn’t and later told us a little bit about the work done. As it turned out, Yana and her mentee Dima Bilan’s new partners – the “Degrees”. Together they recorded the song “100 Degrees” and that’s already started filming the clip. Rudkovskaya promises: this track will be a hit for a long time. And Jan these things can be trusted.

“Well, we are now with @gradusy_band one team and a gang of guys working with us now! And the first track #градус100 very soon will conquer new horizons, but, hope, will amuse and delight many. Have made a lot, so to speak, so stay tuned for our new Dima production project with a group of “Degrees”!” – announced Jan.

Admittedly, already can’t wait to see the result.

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