Обвинившую Розовского в изнасиловании заподозрили в преступном сговоре Fatima Abaskuliyeva continues to insist on its version of events. The artist says that mark Rozovsky allegedly forced her to join with him in an intimate relationship. In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” tried to deal with the situation.
Обвинившую Розовского в изнасиловании заподозрили в преступном сговоре

Last week the actress from Azerbaijan Fatima Abaskuliyeva accused the artistic Director of theatre “At Nikitsky gate” Mark Rozovsky of harassment. According to the actress, she was silent for 12 years, but only now found the strength to talk to about their experiences, which has traumatized her psyche. A few days later, Fatima came back to the Studio “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” to talk about how her life has changed after a sensational recognition.

The actress of the theater Mark Rozovsky has accused him of sexual harassment

As reported Abaskuliyeva, Rozovsky, there were defenders who condemned her behavior. In their opinion, the actress spoke about the harassment of the Director, wanting to attract attention. Social media users attacked Fatima and left her threatening comments in social networks. The actress denies the allegations in PR on the scandal and continued to insist on his version of events.

“I was amazed at the negativity in the Studio. For me it is very strange and incomprehensible. In addition, Nesterov made a conclusion about my unsuitability for a profession. Oh please, he graduated from GITIS, I call it in the acting battle, – said the actress. – Bonia said, it’s PR. But I think this is disgusting and terrible retribution, the distribution of debt.”
Обвинившую Розовского в изнасиловании заподозрили в преступном сговоре

Former colleagues didn’t believe Fatima. “Malice, anger and impotence, a hint of envy… it is not clear, what is it?” she wonders. However, evidence against Abaskuliyeva were made by former student Mark Rozovsky Svetlana Markovnikov. She is sure of the innocence of the Director. “This is ridiculous. I didn’t think it all that bad. Fat – girl-Narcissus, she loves narcissism. It achieves the goals by any means”, – says Svetlana.

According to Markovnikov, Abaskuliyeva wanted to steal her husband. The actress didn’t get along with each other, and once even Fatima struck a colleague with a kettle on the head.

“She harassed my husband, it was at the same time. Fate was an eccentric girl, all believed that she with the wind, but more forgiving, – says Svetlana. We then went to visit. And that’s the situation with her husband. I walk into a room, and he lay on the bed. Bent over him Fatima. She took out her breast. I said, “Jack, what’s happening?”
Обвинившую Розовского в изнасиловании заподозрили в преступном сговоре

Svetlana believes that her husband tried to Woo another woman, and has been abused. Fatima reacted with humour to the words of our colleagues, but to deny or confirm they are gone.

The Studio program was attended by the actress of the theater “Nikitsky gate.” They sided Rozovsky. So, Nikolina Kilibarda said that he admires the talent of Mark Grigorievich. “He’s very positive attitude towards young artists. This situation is absurd. I didn’t hear”, – said the artist.

At the same time, Faith Barvinsky, on the contrary, confirmed the statements of Abaskuliyeva. The actress said that the Rozovsky had her attentions and offered to assist with the work. “In 2010, finished the course, Mark G., then spent three years at the theater. The words of Fatima is true. I came across a suggestion to spend time with me. Mark G. came to me with this proposal, it was made in a veiled form,” – says Barvinsky.

Some experts believe that a wave of accusations against Mark Rozovsky has risen not just. “Now in Moscow, is theatrical reform. Maybe theatre press?” – suggested presenter Andrey Malakhov. Such guesses tend to make friends Rozovsky.

“I am inclined to believe that this [harassment] was not. There is just a fact of intimate connection, of which claims this lady. You never know how she qualifies, – said people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Yumatov, a friend of Mark Rozovsky. – After the first broadcast of a very famous Director, one of the leaders of the theatre movement in Russia, asked me: “Vladimir, do not you think that this is an attempt to take away the theatre?”

Yumatov believes that Fatima Abaskuliyeva can stand individuals who are interested in how to gain control over the cultural establishment, headed by Rozovskiy. “I want to use it. Out of that nothing, we will not give offense to either of Mark G. or theatre, loved by thousands of viewers,” shared the actor.