Rozhkova Svetlana and Oleg Gazmanov: I saw the stars, death

Светлана Рожкова и Олег Газманов: что видели звезды, пережившие клиническую смерть Not one generation of people tormented by the question: are there really heaven and hell? Celebrities who have experienced clinical death, said the “StarHit” what sensations you felt in those minutes.
Светлана Рожкова и Олег Газманов: что видели звезды, пережившие клиническую смерть

My voice was…

Svetlana Rozhkova was talking to a stranger.

A few years ago on tour in Kislovodsk the Joker was hit by a car. The driver didn’t bother to give first aid and fled the scene of the accident. Well, what’s next with Svetlana was the husband Yuri. He immediately drove his wife to the nearest hospital, where her life began to fight the doctors. “From the serious injuries saved me a sweater, which is not given to sliding under the wheels, – shares with “StarHit” Svetlana. – Remember seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Flew to this radiance, like a butterfly. It seemed that there’s someone there and he talked to me. Distinctly heard the phrase: “Her time has not come yet!” After these words I woke up. Of course, now it all seems like a figment of the imagination. Nevertheless, clinical death taught me to appreciate every moment. It is impossible to postpone the case indefinitely. Now I travel often with the family, teach poetry, spend a lot of time in the garden of a country house”.

Fly, my soul!

Maxim Fadeev moved in space.

Светлана Рожкова и Олег Газманов: что видели звезды, пережившие клиническую смерть

At the age of 17, the future famous producer had a serious operation on the heart. During surgery, the youngster was on the verge of life and death. Doctors miraculously managed to pump it. About your second birth Fadeev remembers still.

“I felt like a feather, says “StarHit” Maxim. – Can move in any place of the Earth in a second, he had only to think about it. Suddenly my head surfaced the story of the father of the old Jewish cemetery in the French capital, where his relatives are buried. Dad wanted to go but never had the opportunity – in the Soviet Union are not produced abroad. And I was there instantly. Remember, as it flew over the graves, and even saw the monument with the surname Fadeev… But the real shock was experienced when after 20 years the first time was in Paris. Navigate the city like a whole life spent there. Cemetery is also called for, even a tombstone namesake found. Wonders!”



Светлана Рожкова и Олег Газманов: что видели звезды, пережившие клиническую смерть

Participant of “Battle of psychics” never hid the fact that a child has a serious illness. For 29 years she underwent two clinical death. After these events, Nicole has the gift of seeing people’s destinies. “Even though I was unconscious, still heard the doctors said, “We’re losing her!” – says “StarHit” Nicole. – Actually there on the other side, nothing. This ethereal world full of non-material entities. Yes, there were silhouettes of people or images of well-known corridor. But it was only the consciousness of the brain, which threatened death. Still can’t forget, as was in complete silence among the spirits. In the future I have escalated dramatically visual perception, I love vintage items and things. If I hadn’t discovered my psychic powers, would become the owner of the shop of antiquities”.



Светлана Рожкова и Олег Газманов: что видели звезды, пережившие клиническую смерть

Last year a woman became a mother for the second time – came to light her son, Seraphim. Few people know that during birth, Gordon began to have serious problems with the blood vessels. Doctors had to operate urgently to Kate and to fight for the life of the child. “Now I believe in the other world, – says the “StarHit” Gordon. – I do not know where they were, but it was quiet. Before me there were people that had long been buried: a childhood friend of Bob Vyatkin and favorite schoolteacher Ekaterina. We talked, I said that the always remember and miss dearly. I forgot that I was in the hospital. Did not want to be separated from loved ones was painful to return to reality. But the surgery went well, my baby is saved. Ultimately I became more sensitive. After some time off from their surroundings those who have taken away my good feelings. And don’t regret it!”



Somehow the singer was on tour in children’s camp “Artek”. The artist was asked to talk to the guys and handed him the microphone. Immediately followed by a shock. It turned out the equipment was not grounded. Oleg was thrown several meters, he bumped his head. Because the musician has not regained consciousness, he was taken to the hospital. “I saw flew out of the body and instantly found himself in some space – remember Gazmanov. – Around there was nothing – no color, no smells, no sounds… Feeling the peace and tranquility, listening to the voice that quietly said that I have a choice – to stay or to leave. I knew before I even die, so hurried back. He opened his eyes and saw that I was in the ward surrounded by doctors.”