Королевское платье Яны Рудковской, сделало её героем вечеринки
Yesterday, Yana Rudkovskaya boasted a luxurious dress that gathered secular party, explaining that this is not a carnival.

But, it seems that Ian feared critical arrows in his address and was forbidden to comment on a short video where she moves in front of the lenses of photographers.

But today, Rudkovskaya rethink everything and explained that her dress was a must, because otherwise she wouldn’t be able to feel like a real Queen of the evening.

It turns out that the party of Tatler magazine was shown a short film about the heroes of this journal in different years, so Jan and pictures of her “discreet Breakfast” in instagram, took 70% of the time.

Apparently, this fact has allowed Ian to count himself a Queen.

My stunning couture ensemble had just the issue, since in a different outfit I wouldn’t feel the main character of this landmark evening #cosnultation – wrote Rudkovskaya in the comments.